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Learn What the Price Factors of Using Testosterone Therapy Are

You are not the same person once your body’s testosterone levels have declined; fortunately, you can increase them by using hormone replacement therapy. But if you will be self-paying for this ongoing treatment, you’ll want to learn what’s involved in the price of testosterone therapy programs. There a number of factors to consider that can determine whether your treatment is going affordable to you or not; and the foremost of these is determining if the health insurance that you currently have will cover the cost of your ongoing treatment for testosterone deficiency.

As unjust as it undoubtedly seems to any adult who has been struggling with symptoms caused by Low T, health care insurance in general does not consistently cover the cost of using medical treatment to correct adult-onset testosterone deficiency. Even men who have been experiencing all of its clinically recognized symptoms – low sex drive, chronic fatigue, excess abdominal fat, lack of mental focus, loss of muscle mass and tone – have been dismayed to discover that their medical insurance coverage has limitations or other provisions for declining to cover the cost of using male hormone replacement therapy unless certain criteria are met. These could include causes for Low T that are explicitly defined as being caused by a certain disease or an injury that directly results in the loss of adequate male hormone production.

So it is this particular circumstance that has given rise to the need for many men across the US to investigate the price of testosterone therapy use. Is it fair that insurance companies are allowed to autonomously decide on which medical treatments they will cover and which ones they won’t? Most of us would agree that it is absolutely unfair. However, an increasing number of US adults are not letting that prevent them from using the only form of medical treatment that has been proven to restore Low T levels and provide substantial symptoms relief to patients. They are paying for the treatment they require themselves; and they are learning how to make the use of this very effective and beneficial form of hormone replacement therapy fit into their lives affordably.  

Different Types of Testosterone Therapy Have Different Prices

Different Types of Testosterone Therapy Have Different Prices

Having Low T can make a big difference in the way you look and feel physically, and in the way you feel about your life because is addition to those other symptoms we mentioned, it is even possible for it to cause episodes of mild depression. However, male hormone deficiency affects each adult differently, just as depending on the type you use, the price for testosterone therapy differs. So learning what the cost differential attached to each type of treatment is another important factor that will determine what you ultimately pay for your ongoing treatment.

The original type of treatment, and it is still in widespread use among today’s patients, is in the form of self-administered testosterone injections. This is also the most affordable type of Low T therapy to use, with an approximate cost of under $100 each month for medications. On the opposite end of the price spectrum for male hormone replacement therapy is the use of the topically applied forms of medication – the prescription gels and creams that you have probably seen advertised numerous times as the newest way to eliminate Low T symptoms. This form of therapy requires frequent applications of one to two times a day (depending on your dosage requirements), which is one of the factors that makes using this form significantly more costly at several hundred dollars every month.

Other forms that have become available in recent years are testosterone skin patches, implanted slow-release pellets, and dissolvable lozenges placed between the gum and cheek. Comparisons of the price for testosterone therapy using any of these forms is more difficult to approximate since they are not nearly as widely prescribed by doctors as the injectable and topical forms. Their performance history is also much less established than the use of injections. In regard to the performance of topical gels and creams, some patients receive satisfactory results while others do not. By far, the form of treatment that has the longest standing record for consistently delivering the desired therapeutic results to patients is using doctor prescribed testosterone injections. It’s that record, and its affordability, that has made it the type of treatment that many patients prefer to use.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Requires Periodic Testing

All hormone replacement therapy programs require medical supervision and monitoring, and the monitoring of a patient’s hormone levels can only be accomplished through periodic blood testing. If your medical insurance declines to cover the cost of treatment or Low T, then you will need to factor in the cost of your treatment’s required testing into your overall price of testosterone therapy. However, you should also understand that it is a critical component of the proper medical protocol for male hormone replacement therapy and we’re now going explain why.

Maintaining your testosterone levels within optimal balance means keeping them in the range that makes you personally feel and look your best. What is ideal for your unique physiology is not going to be the same as what any other Low Therapy patient’s will be. This is why your treatment has to be medically monitored by the doctor who prescribed treatment for you, so that your levels are not allowed to decrease or increase excessively. Sustaining your ideal male hormone supply also helps to prevent you from experiencing any undesirable side effects. The only clinical means for monitoring your male hormone levels is through the use of periodic testosterone blood tests, for which your doctor will determine the appropriate scheduling during your treatment cycle.

These tests are simple to perform but utilize sophisticated medical technology to measure a patient’s currently available hormone levels, and the price can vary depending upon the clinical laboratory that performs them. Because we provide our patients with medical treatment for Low T on a local basis at Nexel Medical, we can advise them of the approximate cost of their blood testing once we know where they are located. They can then factor the cost of their tests into their individual price of testosterone therapy, because we want all of our patients to be as informed as possible about the financial aspects of using Low T therapy right upfront.

In fact, we want all of our patients to be well informed about all aspects of using male hormone replacement therapy, and the way that we make this possible for them is by offering the assistance of our clinical advisors at Nexel Medical. Any adult who is thinking about using testosterone therapy but has unanswered questions or personal concerns is welcome to contact us directly at any time to receive accurate and helpful information about using any form of Low T treatment.   

Online Testosterone Therapy Doctors Can Be Very Cost-Effective

Immediate access to information on using testosterone therapy is just one of the many advantages of choosing an online medical provider like Nexel Medical for your treatment. Our patients often find that the price of testosterone therapy that is prescribed and supervised by our highly qualified and experienced doctors is another very significant advantage. And it all springs from the efficiency and ease of using the digitally assisted procedures for treatment that were created by our doctors.

When you choose Nexel Medical as your testosterone replacement therapy medical provider, your blood testing as well as any medical exams required for your treatment program will always be performed locally for your convenience. Your results will be digitally communicated to your prescribing physician at Nexel Medical for diagnosis and treatment recommendations. You will be able to purchase your prescribed treatment using our secure online pharmaceutical source, which is another way that we make things easy and efficient for our Low T therapy patients. Overall, our patients find the cost of receiving their treatment from Nexel Medical to be fair and competitive, and often substantially lower than other private practices, endocrine specialists, or hormone therapy clinics that might be located somewhere in their general vicinity.

Your time is also valuable and using a respected TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) online provider like Nexel Medical is efficient and hassle-free. Because our doctors exclusively specialize in hormone replacement therapy programs for adults, our treatment procedures have been effectively streamlined by technology and still retain personal attention to each patient’s individual therapeutic requirements. The price of testosterone therapy does not have to be excessively high in order for you to receive a high level of medical treatment for your Low T symptoms – and Nexel Medical proves that providing our patients with treatment programs that consistently deliver results.

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