Pros and Cons of Testosterone Therapy

Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Using Testosterone Therapy?

If you have embraced the idea of being healthy from the inside, you will want to do whatever you can to keep your male hormone levels healthy, as well. So do you know the pros and cons of testosterone therapy from the medical point of view or do you only know what you have heard from people you know? Because it is important that you have more than just hearsay to go on when you are considering the use of medically prescribed treatment for your testosterone deficiency symptoms.

You have many good reasons for wanting to improve your health at the fundamental level, such as it will increase your longevity odds; it will improve your emotional outlook; it will provide you with a better quality of life; and it can even inspire others in your life who are important to you to take better care of their own health. But you also need to understand the reasons that make using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) a viable and sound decision for your overall health; and that using TRT is going to require a long-term commitment to maintaining your hormonal health on your part.

Healthy daily habits are what make a healthier lifestyle and that is what the use of Low T therapy has become for many men with testosterone deficiency – a routine part of their health maintenance. However, before you make it a part of your routine, you should understand the fundamentals of the medical debate regarding the pros and cons of testosterone therapy use. Maybe you have heard about some of them from your friends or associates who are using TRT; but learning about them from medical professionals who actually prescribe and manage these hormone replacement programs for their patients will undoubtedly provide you with information that is more medically reliable.

Get the Pros of Testosterone Therapy from TRT Professionals

Get the Pros of Testosterone Therapy from TRT Professionals

To obtain an objective viewpoint on the pros of testosterone therapy, it makes sense to seek the professional opinions of TRT doctors. Yet many US adults live in smaller town and cities that often don’t have these types of medical specialists locally available to them; so how can they access the information that only an experienced and professionally respected hormone replacement therapy doctor could be expected to have?

Making relevant information on Low T – as well as clinical testing and treatment for this condition – available to all US adults nationwide was the concept that originally inspired Nexel Medical’s innovative procedures for accomplishing exactly that. Our doctors decided that would not only provide the clinically appropriate blood testing and treatment protocols to US adults on a locally available basis, but that we would also serve as an easy to access source of comprehensive information on everything related to the pros and cons of testosterone therapy for all people to use. Nobody who contacts us for information or answers to questions about TRT is required to be a patient of ours. The Nexel Medical clinical advisors are a team of highly trained professionals who are completely capable of dispensing accurate and useful information on this form of hormone replacement therapy, and they are always happy to help anyone who contacts us for information.

We offer you the fast and most convenient way to find out all about the benefits; procedures; precautions; requirements; and expectations that are associated with using testosterone replacement therapy. We will always answer your questions realistically and honestly; and should you decide to explore using treatment for your Low T symptoms, our clinical advisors can also walk you through our simple and efficient process for receiving medically supervised testing and treatment from or TRT doctors right in your local area. It’s one thing to discuss the pros and cons of testosterone therapy with people you may know who are using it; but it can ultimately be much more helpful for you to discuss these things with medical professionals who have a more objective perspective on them.

The Cons of Testosterone Therapy Can Come from Being Conned

Anyone who is interested in using testosterone therapy is usually already familiar with the pros, so we’ll simply summarize the clinically established benefits that TRT patients receive here:

  • Male hormone loss typically triggers energy loss; treatment provides a boost in energy levels and stamina
  • Low T levels can also cause a drastic decline in sexual desire and performance issues; using treatment restores sex drive and improves performance
  • Cognitive decline and emotional issues are also common symptoms of testosterone deficiency; TRT patients experience improvements in both of these areas
  • Low T can cause excess fat to build up while muscles lose mass and tone; treatment has been shown to improve muscle tone and mass, while aiding in the loss of excess body fat

Low T replacement therapy has also been linked to improved longevity and to the prevention of bone loss (osteoporosis).

So what are the cons in the medical debate on the pros and cons of testosterone therapy? Some of them could be viewed as hypothetical in nature. There are doctors who believe that the long-term safety of using TRT have not been sufficiently proven, even though this treatment has been in medical use for well more than a half-century. The are also doctors that point to studies suggesting that Low T therapy contributes to a higher risk for heart disease; of course there are other studies that suggest using this treatment actually lowers the patient’s risk. The bottom line is that testosterone replacement therapy is an accepted form of medical treatment that is used to treat patients who have developed a symptomatic male hormone deficiency – if the benefits did not far outweigh any perceived and/or hypothetical associated risks, the treatment would not be in use, not would its use be increasing, as it currently is.

But there is a situation regarding the use of supplemental testosterone that is inherently risky, and it is the illegal purchase and use of testosterone medications that can now be found online. This is a very real component in evaluating the pros and cons of testosterone therapy use, because using any form of prescription medication or controlled bio-identical substance without the proper medical authorization and supervision can be extremely harmful to your health. It can also cause serious legal repercussions for those who are caught, and federal regulators have become aggressively focused on shutting down and prosecuting those who participate in illegal Internet drug sales and use. Purchasing and using testosterone illegally in any form is a definite con to people’s health; and it also exposes them to fake, contaminated and foreign-manufactured drug products that everyone should be very reluctant to use under any circumstances.     

Make an Informed Decision on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Every story has two sides, which is why it’s important for you to know what the pros and cons of testosterone therapy use actually are before you proceed with treatment for your Low T symptoms. But here’s the thing: this treatment is always prescribed on an individual patient basis in order to respond to a person’s individual hormonal balance requirements. So the only way for anyone to find out what the personal pros and cons in regard to their using treatment is to get tested for testosterone deficiency and be evaluated by a TRT doctor.

Nexel Medical has made that easier than it sounds. You could actually call Nexel Medical right now and ask one of our clinical advisors to schedule a testosterone blood test for you in your local area, and it would be done. The same goes for having a physical exam; all you have to do is ask your advisor to schedule this for you with one of our local doctors in your area and it would also be done. Upon reviewing your test and exam results, your TRT doctor at Nexel Medical would be able to diagnose the extent of your testosterone deficiency and prescribe the correct course of treatment for you.

You would then be able to purchase your prescribed Low T therapy medications through our fully licensed US online pharmacy and have them promptly shipped and delivered to you. That is the entire process we use for prescribing TRT for patients from start to finish – but the medical relationship that we have with our patients isn’t finished; it continues for as long as they are using our doctor prescribed therapy. Our doctors and advisors are always available to our patients whenever they need us, and in weighing the pros and cons of testosterone therapy medical providers, this is definitely a pro. At Nexel Medical, you can get the facts, the testing, the medical treatment, and the ongoing support all in one place – and you never have to leave your own local area for getting any of it.

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