Reasons for Testosterone Therapy

Reasons for Testosterone Therapy

A libido that has progressively declined … very low energy … deteriorating muscle tone … stubborn and unhealthy excess abdominal fat … these issues represent some of the more common reasons for testosterone therapy that people have. Yet on a totally personal level, your own reasons might be more involved than these symptoms that are frequently associated with having Low T levels.

A symptomatic testosterone deficiency can have far-reaching effects on both your health and your lifestyle; that is what can make its development so personally impactful. The loss of energy it often causes can have a negative impact on your productivity and your career. The decline of your sex drive and ability to perform can lead to the loss of emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner. The excess body fat it can contribute to is obviously not good for your health. And the reductions in muscle tone and bone density can result in the development of some significant medical issues later on in life.

Yet before any doctor can prescribe correct treatment for you, it will require the clinical verification of your testosterone deficiency. Adults can have the most compelling reasons for testosterone therapy that one could imagine, but until a blood test confirms that they have developed a male hormone deficiency, it would be irresponsible and unethical for any doctor to prescribe Low T treatment for any of them. It would also be completely irresponsible to prescribe treatment without first ascertaining that there is nothing in a patient’s health history that would make using this treatment medically inadvisable.

It’s not that your reasons don’t matter; they do – and qualified hormone replacement specialists such as Nexel Medical want to know exactly what symptoms their patients have developed. However, the evaluation of your symptoms and reasons is only part of the process that experienced testosterone replacement therapy providers like Nexel Medical utilize in both diagnosing your condition of deficiency and prescribing the best course of treatment for you.

Are Your Testosterone Levels Below the Normal Range?

Are Your Testosterone Levels Below the Normal Range?

When a man over 30 or so develops an imbalance in his testosterone levels, it is far more likely that it will take the form of a deficiency rather than a surplus. So most reasons for testosterone therapy are related to the problems that are directly caused by male hormone levels that have fallen below the clinically normal range, which has been established for adult males as between 270 to 1070 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliter). Substantial research indicates that the average testosterone range that is maintained by the healthiest adult males consistently tends to be measured at between 400 t0 600 ng/dL. It has also been clinically established that after peaking at about the age of 20, a male’s testosterone levels begin to gradually decline – by as much as one to two per cent annually between the ages of 30 and 50.

That decline can and does affect men in varying ways; but for those who experience either a more rapid or a more extensive drop in their testosterone levels, it can create a number of wellness issues. Hormonal balance is critical to adult health; recent studies have suggested that hormonal imbalances are a contributing factor in the leading cause of mortality in the US, which is heart disease. So the first thing that a hormone therapy doctor will have performed for a patient that is exhibiting deficiency symptoms is a blood draw test for the purpose of measuring the available amount of testosterone that the patient currently has. The detection of levels that are below normal is an essential component of making a diagnosis of male hormone deficiency, which is sometimes referred to as either andropause or pogonadism; most of us know it by the more familiar term of Low T.

In regard to the appropriate medical reasons for testosterone therapy use, hormone therapy doctors must rely of their professional judgment in regard to determining the appropriate remedial action for each individual patient they see. For patients who whose testosterone blood levels prove to be within the normal range for their age, it is often medically appropriate to consider other possible physiological causes for their devitalizing symptoms. For those patients whose levels are at the lower end of the so-called normal range and who are exhibiting symptoms that are frequently caused by Low T, doctors will often prescribe a moderate course of treatment to see if it results in significant improvements in their symptoms.    

What Can Using Testosterone Replacement Therapy Do For You?

The goal of using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is to restore healthy normalcy to your body’s critical male hormone supply. The excessive supplementation of androgen levels is never a medical goal; however, in the world of illegal testosterone use populated by bodybuilders and professional athletes, excessively (and dangerously) high levels are the norm. One of the main reasons for testosterone therapy requiring a medical prescription and supervision is ensure that this bio-identical substance is being used in manner that is justified and responsible.

And when its responsible use has been medically justified, the benefits that TRT can deliver to patients are impressive ones that have been proven in clinical studies. Its use has been shown to improve energy; cognitive function; red blood cell production; emotional wellbeing; libido; bone density; and muscle mass. These are benefits that do more than improve the health and vitality of an adult who has been diagnosed with Low T; they can also contribute to a substantial improvement in one’s overall lifestyle satisfaction.

By comparison, using testosterone illegally or irresponsibly to attain excessively high androgen levels can lead to some very undesirable results, such as the production of too much estrogen. This in turn can cause mood wings, fluid retention, growth or sensitivity of breast tissue, and hypertension, among other problems and health issues. And the risks involved in purchasing and using any form of pharmaceutical testosterone illegally and without medical authorization are greatly compounded by the very real dangers of buying and using fake, expired or otherwise contaminated substances. It is just not worth the risks involved – and it is not the way to successfully receive all of the real benefits that only legally prescribed and purchased testosterone medications can be expected to deliver.

Some Compelling Reasons to Use Nexel Medical for Low T Therapy

Only you really know exactly what your compelling reasons for testosterone therapy are – but you might not be aware of the equally compelling reasons for choosing Nexel Medical as the provider of your Low T therapy. So we will present them to you now and then you can make an informed decision about what you want and need from your testosterone replacement therapy medical provider.

Here are the reasons that adults from across the US are choosing to receive TRT from Nexel Medical:

  • It’s easy. It is the most convenient way for symptomatic adults to receive treatment from highly experienced and qualified hormone replacement therapy doctors. We provide locally available Low T testing and medical treatment to clinically qualified adult patients living in all 50 states.
  • It’s safe and secure. Our patients are able to purchase their prescribed testosterone therapy medications online from fully licensed and reliable US pharmacies. They receive their medications promptly and never have to worry about their purity or authenticity.
  • It’s a time-saver. Getting TRT from Nexel Medical is typically going to be much faster than trying to get an appointment with a specialist in your region or travelling out of your local area to see one. Our doctors and clinical advisors are always available to you by phone and email; and Nexel Medical will take care of scheduling your local blood test and physical exam at a time that works for you.
  • It’s low-risk and high-reward. When you receive your Low T treatment from medical professionals that are as respected as ours are, you can be assured of its medical correctness. Our doctors use the proper protocols and prescribe the appropriate medications to ensure that your therapeutic experience will be a rewarding one that is focused on delivering maximum results and is free from any unwanted effects.

You already have your own reasons for testosterone therapy; and now we have provided you with some very compelling reasons to choose Nexel Medical for your treatment. And here is another good reason to choose us: all it takes is a phone call to us for you to get started.

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