Results of Testosterone Therapy

What Positive Results of Testosterone Therapy Do You Expect?

If your Low T symptoms have advanced to the point of causing you to consider using male hormone replacement, have you thought about the positive results of testosterone therapy that you are hoping to gain? It’s important for anyone to have realistic expectations for what to expect from the use of a medically prescribed program of hormone replacement therapy before committing yourself to the ongoing process of treatment.

You probably didn’t expect what happened once your body’s testosterone production continued its progressive decline; and that’s because the symptoms associated with an adult-onset male hormone deficiency can be extremely subtle in the beginning. However, for many adults they don’t continue to stay subtle indefinitely – and once an adult’s testosterone level have dropped to the below-normal range (which has been clinically determined and is based primarily on a person’s age), those symptoms can continue developing and eventually have a huge impact on what used to be a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

So can you expect to get that lifestyle back by using doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for what could very well be the rest of your adult life? Well, if you have been chronically suffering from deficiency related symptoms such as the loss of your desire for and/or ability to engage in a healthy sex life; a debilitating lack of energy; mood swings and feelings of low-level depression; stubborn weight gain and diminished muscle tone, you can certainly expect to receive substantial improvements in all of these areas as direct results of testosterone therapy usage.

Isn’t that what you are actually hoping for – a chance to be the person that you used to be, before your body stopped producing adequate amounts of testosterone? Experienced hormone therapy doctors know that your best chance of getting what you hope for is to be tested and treated for the condition of male hormone deficiency that your body has now advanced to. 

How Vital Is Testosterone to Sustaining Your Adult Health?

How Vital Is Testosterone to Sustaining Your Adult Health?

As one of an adult male’s most predominant hormones, fluctuations that either increase or decrease your body’s testosterone supply can have a strong and lasting impact on your health and vitality. The diverse and critical physiological functions that it helps to regulate include keeping your muscles and bones strong; maintaining your mental focus and sharpness; supporting your male libido; and preventing you from accumulating unhealthy excess fat, especially around your abdomen. So it is fair to say that the results of testosterone therapy do a lot to keep the adults who use it healthier and feeling more vital.

Hormones have a strong influence on staying mentally healthy, as well. The lack of an adequate male hormone can trigger mood swings and depressive feelings, while having an excessive high level of testosterone can cause feelings of anger and aggressiveness. Balanced hormones are what help to keep adults emotionally balanced and capable of handling the many unexpected events, circumstances and situations that life can throw at all of us at one time or another.

Now what is normal and healthy for one adult might not be for another; this is why evaluating any patient for Low T has to include a complete evaluation of their particular symptoms as well as a thorough review of their medical history and current physical condition. TRT doctors look at the entire picture of health that a patient is currently presenting, and not just the numbers that come back from a patient’s blood test results, when deciding on what the best and most beneficial course of treatment for that individual would be.

Excessively high testosterone levels are going to be just as unhealthy for an adult, and perhaps even more so, than having excessively Low T levels. The levels that your Nexel Medical doctor can help you to reach and sustain are those that will support your ongoing healthfulness, provide you with emotional wellbeing, and allow you to enjoy feeling virile for life. These are the results of testosterone therapy that our doctors want all of our patients to be able to experience; and with the use of the correct program of treatment, we know that they will have their best chance for achieving that.

Will Any Side Effects Result from Using Testosterone Therapy?

The major difference between using a long-term hormone replacement program and the long-term use of prescription drugs is that bio-identical hormones are not foreign substances as far as your body is concerned. Your body is nowhere near as likely to respond with adverse effects to bio-identical testosterone’s introduction into your system as it would to anything that is classified as a powerful and controlled medication.

Yet it is still critically important to be medically qualified as male hormone deficient, and to only use TRT under a doctor’s ongoing supervision, in order to safely experience the positive results of testosterone therapy. The illegal misuse of this treatment can result in causing side effects and damage to your health, because (1) periodic clinical blood testing is the only way to measure male hormone levels, and (2) the only bio-identical hormones that are guaranteed to be safe for any individual to use are those that have been legally prescribed and obtained from a legal and fully licensed US pharmacy. So anyone using TRT illegally could very well expect to experience some unpleasant side effects or worse.

But for those adult patients who use TRT responsibly and appropriately, the risk for developing any unwanted side effects is a very low one; and as far as its safety over an extended period of use, that is what the periodic blood tests and physical exams are for. While testosterone replacement therapy is classified as a medical treatment, the emphasis should be focused on its therapeutic purpose, which is to replace a critical substance that your body is no longer producing enough of on its own. Hormone doctors know how to prescribe replacement programs that elevate and sustain your male hormone levels to the amount that is the most advantageous for you individually. And that level of expertise is only attained through years of professional training and experience.   

Getting Your Testosterone Replacement Therapy from TRT Doctors

So by now it has probably become more apparent to you why the positive results of testosterone therapy that any patient can expect to receive requires having an experienced TRT doctor on your team. Whether it will be your first experience with Low treatment, or whether you have had an unsatisfactory experience with it in the past, the overall success of your treatment can be determined by the competency of the doctor supervising your treatment.

At Nexel Medical, our doctors treat both first time TRT patients as well as patients who have previously tried this form of treatment and were disappointed in the results they received. In almost every case, these patients had not used hormone replacement specialist for their treatment; many of them had been prescribed a topical form of testosterone treatment by their general practitioners and had eventually decided to discontinue their treatment. They come to Nexel Medical for help because they want to give TRT a second chance at eliminating their chronic Low T symptoms – and then they discover what a difference it makes when you have a highly qualified and experienced hormone replacement specialist prescribing and monitoring your treatment program.

Our experienced TRT specialists offer our patients another difference from their primary care physicians and it’s this one: we encourage people to ask us about anything they want to know about male hormone replacement therapy. It’s because we have the factual and up-to-date answers they are looking for and we are always privileged to share them, and you’ll find that every member of our team of clinical advisors always has the time to answer your questions patiently and completely.

All of these things do make a difference in being able to experience the truly beneficial results of testosterone therapy that every adult who is using this treatment hopes for. Any time that you would like to discuss how realistic your personal expectations of Low T therapy might be, or learn more about our easy and innovative procedures for providing you with locally based treatment, simply give us a call. It’s a call that could result in your having greater satisfaction with your health as well as your lifestyle.

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