Risks and Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Contrast Your Risks and Benefits of Using Testosterone Therapy

With people pursuing lifestyles that are busier than ever, it can be easy to overlook some of the fundamental components that are required for sustaining one’s health. If your hormonal balance has declined, specifically your male hormone levels, contrasting the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy is something that should not be overlooked by any adult who has developed any of the symptoms that are commonly associated with having Low T.

We will explain those symptoms in greater detail shortly, along with the medical treatment options that are now available to you; but first, our doctors want to explain why we believe that medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) provides adults with a substantial amount of health benefits contrasted with very few real risks. It’s when adults decide to purchase this powerful substance illegally, which the Internet has made easier although still illegal, that the risks for both experiencing unwanted side effects and possibly causing significant harm to their overall health increase exponentially. The risks involved with the illegal and unsupervised use of testosterone medications are compounded by the fact that prescription drugs and controlled substances that are purchased this way are often outdated, contaminated or misrepresented by false labeling.

But for adults who have been properly tested, evaluated and diagnosed with symptomatic Low T, using a program of corrective hormone replacement therapy has been predominantly indicated to be beneficial and safe. Researchers and hormone therapy doctors have been studying the potential risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for decades, and this form of medical treatment continues to be prescribed for qualified patients because:

  • Having an adequate male hormone supply keeps your energy levels up
  • It helps to keep your muscles healthy and toned
  • Balanced testosterone levels help you to maintain bone strength
  • Healthily balanced T levels also help you to lose excess fat
  • You need healthy male hormone levels to sustain your sex drive and performance
  • You also need healthy testosterone levels to help maintain your emotional balance

Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

You probably wouldn’t be interested in learning more about the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy if you weren’t experiencing what you think could be some of the symptoms that are typically caused by having Low T levels. However, a number of adults really are not certain about how those symptoms are often manifested. While everyone seems to be aware that testosterone deficiency can affect a man’s desire for sexual intimacy along with this ability to get and maintain erections, many people don’t realize that there are several other telltale symptoms.

Chronic fatigue for no apparent reason can be a sign of Low T, as can suffering from feelings of mild to moderate depression without there being an obvious cause. That stubborn excess fat that has accumulated around your mid-section – your spare tire – can be another sign that your male hormone production has dropped top an unhealthy degree. The progressive loss of muscle tone and size can also be attributed to progressive testosterone loss; and even feeling as though you have lost your edge and/or your enthusiasm for life, can be directly tied to male hormone levels that have dropped below the range that has been clinically established to be the norm for your age group.

Many adults have tried discussing changes like these with their primary care physicians only to be told that these changes have to somewhat expected as one becomes older; or that not enough is known about the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy. But hormone replacement therapy doctors and other endocrine specialists know that at any stage in life after reaching the age of 30 or so, the unhealthy decline of an adult’s testosterone production can trigger problems such as these. Even though a simple blood test can be performed that will measure an adult’s available male hormone supply, it is often not suggested or ordered for patients by their PCPs; however, with experienced TRT specialists like Nexel Medical, this simple to perform test is typically the first things that will be recommended to any patient who has been experiencing any of the issues that we have described here.

Contrast that with having your symptoms dismissed by your regular doctor and it is easy to understand why more adults are turning directly to hormone therapy specialists for help with their symptoms of deficiency. So where are they able to find doctors like these in their local areas?     

How to Find Out What Your Low T Treatment Options Are

People are now finding experienced and highly respected doctors, such as those at Nexel Medical, who truly understand the medical ratio of the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy by going online. And it is fast becoming the most convenient, efficient and popular way for any adult in the US to receive local testing and medical treatment for an increasing common adult-onset hormone disorder like Low T.

All it takes is making a quick phone call to Nexel Medical to find out what your treatment options are; to learn what the procedures involved in diagnosing your condition and prescribing treatment for you are; and what the approximate costs are for using a testosterone replacement therapy program. Because your treatment will be prescribed to respond to your personal level of deficiency, an exact cost for the medications you will be using will be provided to you, once your own personal requirements for therapy have been determined by your experienced and fully licensed Nexel Medical TRT doctor.

Your testing will be performed locally at a medical testing facility located near you, and you will be able to order your prescribed medications online using our licensed US pharmacy – this provides our patients with both the convenience they want, as well as providing them with the security and confidence in their medications that they deserve to have. But even if all you need for now is to have your questions about the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy answered by knowledgeable and helpful TRT specialists, you’ll find that the clinical advisors at Nexel Medical are always glad to provide you with the benefit of their professional insight and assistance, with absolutely no obligation on your part.

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