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Are Your Hopes About Testosterone Therapy Benefits Realistic?

Assuming that you meet the criteria for being diagnosed with Low T, are you sure that your hopes about the testosterone therapy benefits you would gain from receiving corrective treatment are realistic ones? It’s as important to understand what the real benefits are of using testosterone replacement therapy, commonly referred to as TRT, as it is to understand how doctors determine whether you have developed a clinical level of male hormone deficiency. Because if a true deficiency is not present, you will not be likely to benefit in the ways that you are hoping for from using this form of hormone replacement therapy.

The benefits provided by TRT can be life changing for men whose available male hormone supply has become abnormally low. This means that in addition to experiencing the chronic symptoms of hypogonadism, which is the name that testosterone deficiency is known by in the medical world, your free and total male hormone levels will need to be clinically tested in order to verify a diagnosis of Low T, which is the name that most men commonly call hypogonadism. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to a patient whose blood test indicates that their hormone supply is within the normal range because they understand that the benefits are just not going to be there. So it is unrealistic for men with normal male hormone levels to expect any significant health benefits from unduly increasing them through the use of therapy.

However, when a clinically verified condition of testosterone deficiency is present, patients can expect to benefit substantially from their Low T medical treatment because its benefits have been documented. Under these conditions, patients can anticipate receiving testosterone therapy benefits that provide them with increased energy, a much stronger sex drive, stronger erections, less moodiness, and less body fat. They will experience these benefits uniquely, because no two patients will ever have exactly the same physiology or exactly the same response to their therapy. But clinical evidence has consistently supported that the benefits of therapy are there for the vast majority of adults with Low T.

Balancing the Benefits and the Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Balancing the Benefits and the Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Your personal health history will play a major role in determining whether your potential risk factors tip the balance either in favor or not in favor of your being a good candidate for receiving testosterone therapy benefits. And it is the fact that doctors must evaluate this factor along with several other pertinent ones that makes the appropriate prescribing of TRT fairly complex – and best left to experienced hormone replacement therapy specialists.

First of all, they must determine whether there could be other causes that are responsible for a patient’s symptoms; for example, cardiovascular issues, the other medications a patient is taking and even depression can all be responsible for the appearance of one Low T’s most well known symptoms, which is erectile dysfunction. Also, the accurate measuring of an adult’s testosterone levels can involve several blood tests administered at different times of the day because of the natural daily fluctuation of your male sex hormone levels. Even if your doctor determines that you have a legitimate hormone deficiency, your medical history will be carefully reviewed and evaluated for any pre-existing conditions or previous health events that would make testosterone replacement therapy too risky for you to use.

But upon being medically approved for treatment by a qualified and experienced TRT provider, your treatment represents a statistically low risk for experiencing any unwanted complications or ongoing side effects from using bio-identical testosterone to augment your body’s sub-normal male hormone production. Between you and your hormone therapy doctor, you should be able to determine whether the testosterone therapy benefits that you hope to receive will outweigh any possible risks. Keep in mind that men with very low male hormone levels will receive substantially more benefits than men whose free and total levels are only slightly below normal. 

Why You Shouldn’t Expect Much from Testosterone Supplements

There is a confusing variety of so-called testosterone supplements and boosters currently being sold to consumers that all claim to be capable of increasing a man’s available male hormone supply. However, the problem is that most of these have never been proven to be effective – and they should never be compared to a medically prescribed program of treatment, in regard to the testosterone therapy benefits that patients can expect to receive.

None of these products requires a prescription and they are often purchased by consumers at their local nutrition centers or online. Some of the names they go by are maca; horny goat weed; fenugreek; holy basil; basella alba; and a long list of other names that are probably not familiar to you. Hardcore bodybuilders are usually more interested in using products such as L-DOPA, D-Aspartic Acid and aromatase inhibitors to increase the size of their muscles; that is, when they are not obtaining and using injectable testosterone illegally, meaning without medical authorization. But to expect any of these products to be able to accomplish what a legitimately prescribed TRT program can safely and effectively accomplish for your hormonal balance is totally unrealistic.

In addition to that, these types of products are often going to cost just as much or even more than using a medically managed treatment program that utilizes the use of testosterone injections, applied gels, or subcutaneously inserted pellets. And another critical disadvantage to using these types of non-prescription supplements and boosters is that the adults using them don’t bother to have their testosterone blood levels tested. So if you have high expectations of seeing a significant improvement in your Low T symptoms from using products like these instead of receiving the clinically established testosterone therapy benefits, it is highly likely that you are going to be very disappointed with your results.

Knowing When Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Right for You

The best support and assistance that any adult can receive in knowing when testosterone therapy is the right choice to make is going to come from a qualified TRT doctor. And it could be that many adults decide to try out their luck with some of the various boosters and supplements like the ones we’ve mentioned here because they don’t have locally convenient access to the types of hormone replacement specialists who can help them to obtain genuine testosterone therapy benefits.

Your symptoms alone cannot be used as reliable clinical indicators that it is time for you to receive testosterone replacement therapy; you must have your blood levels accurately tested and evaluated by a doctor that possesses this specific knowledge. And because using the optimal dosage is critical to using TRT successfully, periodic blood testing is going to be an essential component of your ongoing treatment. Another reason why having your treatment managed by an experienced hormone therapy doctor is so important is to ensure that you are going to be using the form of bio-identical testosterone that will both provide you with the best results and best fit into your lifestyle.

The value of having an experienced medical professional who can successfully guide you through the complexities of achieving optimal male hormone balance is tremendous. Until fairly recently, however, many adults simply did not have local access to doctors who specialize in TRT; and for one reason or another, it hasn’t been feasible for them to inconveniently have to travel long distances to see one. But now adults have a viable option for professional Low T testing and medical treatment that they can utilize on a local basis – thanks to the arrival of online hormone replacement therapy providers such as Nexel Medical.

Providers that can be accessed like Nexel Medical have made any excuses about it being too inconvenient or too complicated to receive testing and treatment for your Low T symptoms obsolete. Your preliminary and periodic blood tests and medical exams will all be performed in your local area; your treatment program will be managed by the doctors at Nexel Medical; you will always have online and phone access to clinical advisors who can provide you with comprehensive patient assistance; and you will ultimately be giving yourself the best opportunity for gaining all of the authentic testosterone therapy benefits that have been clinically and consistently proven.

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