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Current Reviews on Testosterone Therapy from TRT Doctors

Within just a few minutes of taking a look at some of the hundreds of testosterone therapy reviews that users continuously post online, it becomes clear that most of the adult males who are using this form of treatment for correcting their low T levels are very satisfied with their results. It quickly becomes apparent that most of these men are experiencing an increase in their energy levels; a reduction in their levels of anxiety; and major improvements in their sexual satisfaction.

But what are the opinions of the doctors who prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)? Are they satisfied that this treatment for a naturally occurring hormone deficiency is beneficial to supporting a patient’s overall health and longevity? As indicated by the creed to “first, do no harm,” the premise behind all medical care is to first assess its benefits along with its possible risks. Medical science has known for decades that it is possible to increase a patient’s deficient testosterone levels by the introduction of supplemental amounts of this important biological substance back into their system. And it’s been done for decades; yet while patients have been generally very pleased with their treatment’s results, are doctors and medical researchers still of the opinion that the benefits delivered by TRT outweigh any potential risks?

The medical doctors who specialize in male hormone replacement therapy certainly are, and they have the deepest levels of experience in prescribing and supervising this treatment for patients – and because it is an ongoing form of therapy, they have the definite advantage of being able to follow the treatment results of the same patients for years. So it is some those testosterone therapy reviews that we have drawn on to provide you with the current viewpoint that many of the most experienced TRT doctors share.

You will learn about their current evaluations of the benefits and potential risks, as well as how to provide yourself with the best chance for achieving the therapeutic results that you are after. Nexel Medical’s TRT doctors are gratified to have this opportunity to bring all adults up to speed on what we now know, and what you should know, about using a medical prescribed and managed testosterone replacement program.

What We Know About the Benefits of Using Testosterone Therapy

What We Know About the Benefits of Using Testosterone Therapy

In most patients, the benefits of using TRT become apparent within four to six weeks from the start of treatment; and from their testosterone therapy reviews as reported to their doctors, we know that increases in both energy and libido are among the first benefits to experienced. The specific benefits that patients ultimately receive can vary as much as the variation in the specific Low T symptoms that patients report when seeking treatment. However, after decades of tracking the comprehensive range of results that patients receive, hormone replacement therapy medical experts have been able to document them and it shows unequivocally that they include:

  • Being able to maintain restful sleeping patterns
  • Improving moods and mental concentration
  • Reducing excess fat
  • Increasing strength
  • Improving muscle mass
  • Sustaining bone density
  • Improving erectile function
  • Increasing sexual desire
  • Improving insulin sensitivity
  • Reduced joint pain

The use of medically supervised testosterone replacement programs in men has also been shown to mitigate the coronary risk factors that some men with Low T can develop, by helping to widen the heart arteries and reduce the angina and chest pain they have been known to experience. It has also been shown to be helpful in patients with anemia, since testosterone has the ability to increase red blood cells.

The consistency of any patient’s use of treatment is what typically maximizes the results that you will experience. This is because while the use of TRT may encourage your own natural production of this essential hormone, for most patients the use of male hormone replacement therapy is an ongoing commitment. However, it has also been very encouraging in terms of the overall success rate of TRT, doctors have observed that the failure to obtain a positive response to treatment is quite rare when patients are consistently following their prescribed courses of treatment.

Evaluating the Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Use

Any adult who has had an episode of breast or prostate cancer in their past medical history would not be a good candidate for TRT, according to the most reliable testosterone therapy reviews that have been published by members the US medical community. For those who do not have this risk factor, the treatment is considered by hormone replacement therapy doctors to be a relatively low risk one when evaluated against the multiple health risks that have been associated with testosterone deficiency.

In adult patients who have been using the injectable form of this treatment for quite some time, the side effects that have been reported have primarily been temporary ones, such as pain or itchiness at the injection site that disappears within a day or two. Other temporary effects that some patients report experiencing are headaches, allergic rashes and insomnia; and if problems like these or anything else develops, patients should report it to their doctors immediately because it could mean that an adjustment to their original dosage instructions is needed.

With the current popularity of testosterone gels, patches and creams, it can sometimes be too tempting for men to focus on the ease of use of the delivery system and forget that even these products have been known to produce side effects and risk factors. Some of these are minor while others are more serious; but patients should be aware of all of them before seeing a doctor or clinic that specializes in prescribing TRT. In most but not all cases, a number of testosterone therapy reviews by medical professionals have reported that side effects most often seem to be caused by treatment overdosing; these can show up as seizures; blurry vision; slurring or the inability to speak; and sudden weakness in the extremities on one side of the body, among other things.

Experienced hormone therapy doctors will typically suspend treatment or lower the dosage whenever a TRT patient has developed symptoms, which is why it is critical for all patients to be aware of any worrisome changes top their health that occur and to report them immediately. While infrequent, some effects can be serious enough to require immediate medical attention and intervention.

Our Doctors Can Help You To Achieve the Best TRT Results

You best ally in using TRT successfully is to have your treatment managed by a knowledgeable and experienced medical provider who specializes in the treatment of hormone disorders such as Low T. And you will never find any testosterone therapy reviews coming from the medical community that condone the use of any pharmaceutical form of testosterone without medical authorization and supervision – because it is far too high-risk for any adult to do this. It is also illegal.

So in any user reviews that you read that are coming from people who are using treatments illegally and without the proper medical oversight, it is wise to put them into perspective. Understand that adults who are buying and using these hormone medications illegally without having obtained a medically valid diagnosis and prescription for Low T therapy are putting their ongoing healthiness at risk. Regardless of their reasoning, whether it’s to build up their bodies; rev up their sex lives; or become better athletes; the unauthorized use of any testosterone medication can lead to serious health issues.

The solution to safely and effectively using TRT is a very simple one: Receive your diagnostic testing and medical treatment from a medical provider who has expertise in this field. Nexel Medical has further simplified this solution by making providers like these available to all US adults, through the creation of our digitally connected medical network. Our doctors can legally provide treatment to qualified testosterone replacement therapy patients living in all 50 states and all of our patients are able to have their required treatment procedures, such as blood tests and medical exams, performed locally.

As online providers, we are also able to provide our patients with the ability to purchase their prescribed TRT medications online, making our entire treatment procedure much easier and more convenient for our patients. The results can be found in our own testosterone therapy reviews, the ones that our many satisfied patients have submitted to us in gratitude for helping them to successfully eliminate their Low T symptoms and feel like themselves again.

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