What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

What Are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Modern Men

Another day and here you are, still struggling with the lack of motivation, low libido and mood swings that have become your constant companions. But have you asked yourself if you should find out what are the benefits of testosterone therapy, just in case a reduction in your male hormone levels is behind your chronic health issues? 

Moodiness, chronically low motivation, and the loss of what used to be a healthy and satisfying sex life are three of the most commonly shared symptoms of testosterone loss. And like many hormonal disorders, it can affect the body, mind and spirit of the individual who develops it. But back when testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) was first being prescribed, it was primarily used to treat male patients who complained of erectile dysfunction.

Since those early days, the medical research community has produced a much deeper understanding of the critical roles that our hormones fulfill in our comprehensive wellness. They have generated an impressive volume of valuable data, throughout many clinical trials and many years of scientific research, that has directly led to significant breakthroughs and new developments in the medical field of hormone replacement therapy.

So what are the benefits of testosterone therapy today, in light of all these medical advancements? They include these proven results:

  • Causes fat reduction and muscle increases
  • Increases strength and protect bones
  • Revs up your sexual desire and performance
  • Improves moods and restores emotional wellbeing
  • Sharpens your mental focus
  • Aids in getting more restful sleep

The benefits can also be summarized by stating that today’s doctor prescribed TRT programs are safer to use; are more effective at producing healthy results; and are easier for patients to self-administer than they have ever been. Endocrine specialists and hormone therapy providers have also become more proficient at accurately diagnosing and treating adult-onset testosterone deficiency in both men and women.    

How Will You Know If You Have Low Testosterone Levels?

How Will You Know If You Have Low Testosterone Levels

If you have been struggling with the “Big 3”— those being the 3 most commonly reported symptoms associated with male hormone deficiency that we mentioned previously – and you are over the age of 30, then it’s probably a good idea to have your testosterone levels tested. Nexel Medical performs this diagnostic service for adults from all across the US who would prefer to deal with experienced hormone replacement medical specialists for their Low T testing and treatment.

But there are other symptoms that can triggered by the development of deficient male hormone levels, which include experiencing joint pain, the addition of stubborn excess fat in the mid-section and the loss of muscle tone and mass. Some adults with Low T develop all of these symptoms and some adults only develop a few. It’s also quite possible for an adult to have low testosterone levels and experience no symptoms at all. If you don’t have any symptoms whatsoever, then the answer to the question of what are the benefits of testosterone therapy is that for you, not enough to justify using a medically prescribed program of treatment.

TRT is intended to relieve symptoms that are threatening the health, the emotional wellbeing, or both of these things in adult patients. It is not intended to dramatically enhance a patient’s male characteristics by excessively increasing normal testosterone levels, but rather to bring levels that have become unhealthily back into the healthy normal range. Having a blood test designed specifically to measure your current free and total levels is the starting point of all medical treatment for Low T.      

How Does Getting a Prescription for Testosterone Therapy Work?

In today’s Internet-fueled world, many adults are going online to access hormone therapy doctors and clinics that can provide medically supervised TRT to patients regardless of their residential locations. Adults interested in what are the benefits of testosterone therapy are no longer limited to the medical resources or lack thereof found in their own locality. They now can utilize qualified online providers like Nexel Medical to arrange for their local testosterone blood test; supervise their local medical exam; and prescribe an individualized program of hormone replacement therapy for them.

This can all be accomplished more quickly and efficiently than ever before, thanks to the immediacy of digital technology and its universal reach. When an individual contacts Nexel Medical, either by phone or online, they receive immediate attention from one of our experienced clinical advisors and can arrange to have a local blood test for testosterone deficiency right then and there. They can also complete the online medical history form that is located on our website and submit it immediately it to us.

Once the results of an individual’s blood test, physical exam and symptoms have been evaluated by one of our doctors who specialize in TRT, a prescription for the appropriate treatment plan will be issued to them. With your prescription, you will be able to immediately order your prescribed medications online, using our preferred and secure online pharmacy for your protection. Within just a few weeks of utilizing treatment, you will begin to experience all of the benefits of using testosterone replacement therapy to restore your hormonal balance.

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