What Are the Risks of Testosterone Therapy

Ask What Are the Risks of Testosterone Therapy Before Starting

Much has been debated regarding what are the risks of testosterone therapy as it continues to be prescribed by many licensed medical doctors and specialists in the US. In fact, the demand for this form of medical treatment is higher than it has ever been, undoubtedly due to increased awareness of the condition known as Low T.

On one side of the debate are the medical practitioners and researchers who have been studying and prescribing testosterone replacement therapy programs for decades. They have become convinced over the years, both scientifically and in actual practice, that the closely monitored use of bio-identical testosterone replacement treatments offers far more health benefits than risks to patients with a symptom-inducing hormone deficit. On the other side are medical professionals who don’t routinely prescribe Low T therapy for their patients because they are either not convinced that a need exists, or they believe that the long-term risks have not been evaluated for a long enough time period.

Thus far, how this debate has played out is that it is considered medically appropriate and legal for licensed US doctors to prescribe male hormone replacement therapy for their patients. Yet how they explain the risk factors, as they see them, to their patients is a matter that each of them handles individually. So as it is in all situations regarding personal health care, people who intend to find out if they qualify to use Low T treatment should accept the responsibility for finding out what are the risks of testosterone therapy as well as its benefits. 

There is certainly plenty of information about this issue that can be found online – but what if you want to have a personal conversation with a hormone therapy medical provider to discuss it? Can you simply call a respected testosterone therapy practice and do this? At Kingsberg Medical you can.   

The True Testosterone Therapy Risks Are In Using It Illegally

The True Testosterone Therapy Risks Are In Using It Illegally

Using injectable testosterone or another of its pharmaceutical forms without having a prescription for it (which is illegal), or using more of it than your doctor has explicitly prescribed for you, can be highly risky practices. Lab-created hormones are just as powerful as our naturally produced ones and deliberately destroying their optimal state of balance is truly asking for problems.

It is also extremely risky to use supplemental male hormone – or any other bio-identical hormone – without following the medically recommended blood testing protocols. So a major component of the answer to what are the risks of testosterone therapy can be found in how it is being obtained and how it is being administered.

Safe and responsible Low T therapy is always prescribed by experienced physicians, and only after they have performed the appropriate diagnostic testing; reviewed a patient’s complete medical history; and evaluated the current physical condition of each patient. Using testosterone without these procedures having been followed is just like using any other illegal drug: You do so at your own risk.

Those risks are even higher for people who obtain illegal testosterone, often from a black market Internet seller, and proceed to use it with any assurances of what it actually contains. Legal prescription drugs must be approved for use by federal regulating agencies and must be produced by legitimate US pharmaceutical manufacturers. With drug products and medications that are purchased from illegal sources, there is absolutely no safety net in place for the consumers who choose to do this. There are also serious legal consequences for anyone who is caught doing this. 

How to Get the Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment Safely

Here is what legitimate and responsible hormone replacement therapy medical providers and their patients both want in regard to what are the risks of testosterone therapy: They want to minimize them. Neither party wants side effects to become an issue during treatment, while both parties want the rewards of Low T treatment to be experienced successfully and safely.

Pertaining to possible side effects, doctors have found that these can generally be avoided by following the correct dosage protocols. Numerous clinical studies and medical research have determined what these are; however, it is equally important for doctors to account for individual patient factors any time they prescribe and/or adjust a patient’s dosage instructions.

The other effects that are often debated are the hypothetical long-term ones; the risk for contributing to prostate cancer has been debated, as has the risk for heart disease, stroke and other unwanted health events. Yet the most recent medical studies have shown that many of the fears for these risks have not been irrefutably proven by tangible scientific evidence. Some of the newest studies have actually shown the opposite effect and point to the future health benefits that testosterone therapy seems to contribute to.

In summary, the best way to safely obtain the rewards of treatment while minimizing exposure to risk is to receive treatment from an experienced and knowledgeable hormone replacement therapy medical provider, like Nexel Medical. While every medical treatment exposes patients to a certain amount of risk, using a highly qualified medical practitioner for your Low T treatment is the only real way to minimize your potential for risks and maximize your potential for therapeutic success.

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