What Does Testosterone Therapy Feel Like

TRT Facts: What Does Testosterone Therapy Really Feel Like

If you decide to start using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you will be likely to have a number of questions about what to expect from it. And you will undoubtedly want to know, in plain English, what does testosterone therapy feel like while you are using it.

So our doctors have decided to address, in clear and easy to understand terms, what to expect from your treatment program along with what you should know about its possible side effects and how much it could cost you. At Nexel Medical, we believe that providing you with honest and straightforward information on three of the top issues that adults consistently question is our responsibility – and that it should be the responsibility of every medical provider in the US that specializes in the treatment of Low T and other adult hormone disorders.

Even if you can imagine how terrific it will feel to lose your troublesome symptoms and regain your more youthful level of masculine vitality, you probably want to know how long it will take. Here’s what most patients experience while using testosterone replacement therapy:

  • Within 4 to 6 weeks of starting treatment, most patients show a marked improvement in many of their symptoms, with an increased sex drive and better sleeping patterns among the first things to improve.
  • What does testosterone therapy feel like as your treatment progresses? Most patients report that it feels wonderful! Feelings of anxiety and depression will have typically improved after 6 weeks of treatment and continue improving for several more weeks. At that point, the emotional improvement provided by your Low T treatment will generally reach a plateau at about the 12-week milepost.
  • The weight loss that testosterone replacement encourages can take a little longer to develop as your body readjusts to having adequate hormone levels to support optimal metabolic activity. But be patient because it will happen – and you’ll also see significant improvements in your muscle tone and overall physique.

It feels great to regain the virility, energy and emotional wellbeing you had before your male hormone production went on the decline. However, treatment is an ongoing process and to retain its benefits, most patients remain on their testosterone replacement programs long-term.

Are You Concerned About Testosterone Therapy Side Effects?

Are You Concerned About Testosterone Therapy Side Effects

So obviously it will feel very good to restore your valuable masculine vitality and emotional stability; but what does testosterone therapy feel like if you begin to experience any of its possible side effects?

Well, there are certain things that anyone who is considering the use of medically prescribed Low T therapy should be aware of, even if they are statistically unlikely to occur. In plain language, it is those who are either using testosterone treatments illegally, or who are using larger dosages than their doctors have prescribed for them who are putting themselves at the highest risk for experiencing unpleasant side effects. Properly prescribed and administered testosterone therapy actually carries an extremely low risk for side effects because doctors intentionally prescribe conservative dosages for their TRT patients specifically to avoid the possibility for experiencing unwanted associated issues.

These can include the enlargement of male breast tissue; the formation of blood clots; the development of unusually aggressive behavior; and a higher risk for developing prostate cancer. The best way to avoid these problems is to follow your treatment program exactly as your doctor has prescribed it for you – and to let your doctor know immediately if you experience any problems at all while using testosterone therapy.

What If Your Insurance Won’t Cover Testosterone Therapy?

Can you eliminate your Low T symptoms without breaking the bank? It’s a valid question since many health care insurers do not provide full coverage for adult-onset testosterone deficiency medical treatment. This is when the question becomes what does testosterone therapy feel like when you are paying for it yourself?

Whether you or your insurer are paying for this treatment, it is going to feel like a tremendous relief to reclaim your desire for sex … to lose that stubborn belly fat that has accumulated over the years … to once again be able to sleep through the night restfully … to have your energy and stamina returned to you … and to enjoy peace of mind instead of feeling anxious, depressed and restless for no apparent reason. It’s going to feel sensational to have people tell you that you are looking really good and to be able to respond, I am feeling really good.

However, if you are going to be a self-paying patient of testosterone replacement therapy, you will want to know what is it going to cost you. And you will be happy when you find out that it doesn’t have to be a financial hardship to receive medically prescribed Low T therapy, especially if you decide to use the injectable form of this treatment. Your treatment costs might be as low as a hundred dollars or less each month – less than you might be currently spending on vitamins, supplements or other non-prescription products that don’t seem to be making any difference at all in the way you feel and look.

To get an exact cost, you will need to consult with an experienced TRT medical provider – and you can do that quickly and easily just by contacting Nexel Medical directly. 

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