What If Testosterone Therapy Doesn’t Work

Dilemma: What If Testosterone Therapy Doesn’t Work for Me

As every man ages, he realizes that he often has new health issues to confront. Low T, which is testosterone deficiency, can be one of those issues; and since it has just one proven medical remedy, it can raise the question of what if testosterone therapy doesn’t work for me?

However, what is often meant by that question is what if my low sex drive and erectile dysfunction have now become permanent conditions because of my male hormone loss? Viewing erection-inducing medications as a means of last resort, most men with Low T would prefer to somehow increase their testosterone supply with the medically supervised use of its bio-identical equivalent and not only return to their full manhood, but their full measure of the masculine vitality that this essential male hormone supports.

While the vast majority of male patients using a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program do find that treatment works for them by making a significant improvement in their deficiency symptoms, no one could honestly make the claim that all patients are going to receive the same degree of improvement. Most men using this treatment do find that it delivers exactly what they were hoping for, which is the restoration of their full libido and sexual performance abilities. But in a small percentage of cases, treatment doesn’t restore it and the prescribing physician may suggest the use a medication like Viagra for this issue.

Yet, if the patient has been receiving all of the other benefits associated with treatment, then the complete answer to what if testosterone therapy doesn’t work for me is that it probably is working in many other ways. Are you familiar with the full range of health and wellness benefits that a medically prescribed TRT program can deliver to you? If not, you should find out from a knowledgeable hormone therapy provider.

Will the Wrong Dosage Affect How Testosterone Therapy Works?

Will the Wrong Dosage Affect How Testosterone Therapy Works

Fine-tuning the patient’s dosage in order to deliver the optimum treatment results to them is a very important component of prescribing and supervising a safe and effective course of testosterone replacement therapy.

A Harvard Medical School expert recently weighed in on his treatment protocols for successfully diagnosing and treating his patients for Low T. He believes that false expectations are what cause some men to adopt a somewhat self-defeating attitude when they have those expectations in mind when they ask what if testosterone therapy doesn’t work for me. His view is that it always works in fulfilling its therapeutic mission, which is to replace the male hormone supply of a patient who is no longer producing adequate amounts naturally. Yet he also stresses how important using the correct dosage is in achieving substantial physical and psychological improvements.

A doctor who is inexperienced in prescribing TRT is probably not going to be as adept at understanding what the ideal dosage is for any individual patient. It takes experience as well as specialized medical knowledge of the human endocrine system to get the dosage of bio-identical hormones exactly right. It sometimes also takes a bit of “trial and error,” which is why medical supervision is so crucial ensuring that any patient’s hormone replacement therapy is working the way that it should be. Hormone levels can fluctuate for no apparent reason and this is the reason that periodic blood testing to measure a patient’s levels is an essential part of proper treatment protocols.

Not Everything in Testosterone Therapy Forums Is Factual.

Those unrealistic expectations we mentioned often come from reading what people are saying about their own experiences with TRT online. The Internet has become the world’s most dominant forum for sharing opinions, advice, personal experiences, and all too often fantasies and fabrications.

Thinking that testosterone therapy is going to transform you into a modern-day Charles Atlas or Arnold Schwarzenegger is totally unrealistic. The things that you might come across online saying that this is possible are not presently the actual facts. It is also not realistic to expect that treatment is going to make you feel, look and act 20 years old again, especially if you are of retirement age. If you anticipate either of these things happening from the use of medically prescribed testosterone injections or gel, then you shouldn’t be asking what if testosterone therapy doesn’t work for me; you should instead be asking what could I realistically expect to gain from it?

Here are some of the realistic and very worthwhile benefits that you can expect to receive from using doctor prescribed testosterone therapy:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased libido
  • Maintain bone mass
  • Healthier muscle mass
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Decreased risk for degenerative diseases
  • Revitalized energy
  • Improved moods

What’s the Best Way to Get It Right with Testosterone Therapy?

The best way to get TRT right is to find the right medical provider to administer it. But this is often more of a dilemma for adults than that of what if testosterone therapy doesn’t work. If a person has never had any reasons for seeing an endocrinologist or hormone replacement specialist, it can be more than a little confusing to figure out how to find the right provider.

Naturally, most people want to find a provider that will be convenient for them to get to – and they might not realize that there are highly qualified online medical providers of TRT like Nexel Medical that provide prescription hormone replacement programs to their patients on a local basis. This means that you can find your provider online; contact them from your home or office, either by phone or email; have your testosterone levels blood test performed at a medical testing facility in your area; get your medical exam from one of our doctors that is located near you; and once you have received your prescription for therapy, you can convenient order your prescribed treatments from a secure online pharmacy that we can vouch for.

Using a medical provider with specific expertise in prescribing TRT is the right way to ensure that your program has the best possible chance of delivering the therapeutic results that you and your doctor desire. So instead of taking chances, take just a few minutes and talk to Nexel Medical about using our streamlined and very convenient process for receiving properly prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.    

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