What Is The Best Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What Is Your Best Testosterone Replacement Therapy Choice

Effective testosterone therapy has been defined as that which maintains therapeutic male androgen levels throughout the duration of a patient’s treatment. So what is the best testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) choice for you to make when you have decided that you no longer want to live with your chronic and troubling Low T symptoms?

If you have decided that getting treatment for your symptoms is something that you want to focus on, where should you direct that focus? Should you talk with your primary care provider about testing your testosterone levels, or should you talk to a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy and thus has more extensive experience in treating male hormone deficiency?

These are all valid questions and they deserve to be answered honestly and objectively. So if your objective is to get information about receiving effective testosterone replacement therapy from a knowledgeable and experienced medical professional that specializes in this treatment, go directly to the source. Talk to established and respected providers, like Nexel Medical, that only focus on the treatment of adult-onset hormone disorders and find out what they have to say about the advantages of eliminating your Low T symptoms through bio-identical hormone replacement.

At Nexel Medical, we will glad to serve as your professional sounding board as you contemplate what is the best testosterone replacement therapy option for you to pursue. We’ll help you to cut through the hype and get to the facts about the benefits and risks that have been associated with TRT. You can contact us at any time for personal assistance and specific information – but first let us dispel some of the more common fallacies about using Low T therapy for you right now.

Should You Believe Those Testosterone Therapy Testimonials?

Should You Believe Those Testosterone Therapy Testimonials

In a hyped-up world, cutting through the hype isn’t as easy as it used to be. Sensationalism seems to be the current tone of many communication and information channels; so how does a person find out if they should believe everything they have read or heard about using testosterone replacement therapy? How does a person differentiate between fact, fiction and exaggeration when reading online testimonials and blogs?

Fortunately, you can find a lot of medically substantiated information and data regarding what is the best testosterone replacement therapy to consider using. Many prestigious medical organizations, doctors, researchers, and medical schools have all published their findings and professional opinions on the efficacy of Low T replacement therapy which are all more objective in tone than the personal opinions and experiences of individuals. Not there isn’t value in finding out what other people have to say about their own experiences; it’s simply that you have to remember that these are subjective points of view, just as your own would be. Your own experience might turn out to be neither as positive or as negative as someone else’s.

Naturally, there is also some variation in what the medical community has to say about using male hormone replacement therapy. However, the overall consensus is that using medically prescribed and supervised testosterone injections (which have been in use far longer than the newer forms such as gels and pellets so more data exists) has been shown to alleviate symptoms with minimal risk. Take the testimonials of others for what they truly are – interesting personal anecdotes on a medical treatment that you are interested in. If they happen to be from people who are using injectable testosterone illegally, or from those using a non-prescription form of a testosterone “booster” or oral supplement, you should probably discount them altogether since neither of these practices represents testosterone replacement therapy that is safe, effective or medically authentic.

Your Low Testosterone Treatment All Begins with a Blood Test.

Hormone therapy doctors will order a testosterone blood levels test (also referred to as a serum testosterone test) for both male and female patients who are exhibiting symptoms that suggest their androgen levels have become unbalanced. Before any decisions about what is the best testosterone replacement therapy protocol for any patient can be made, a baseline for the patient’s current available male hormone supply must be established.

As in most blood tests, any medications you have been and/or are currently using can affect the accuracy of this test. Some examples of what these would include are barbiturates, steroids, anticonvulsants, and androgens, along with some others. So your doctor will want to advise you about when to stop taking your medications prior to your blood test. Your doctor may also want to schedule your blood test to be performed in the morning, when your male hormone levels will typically be at their highest.

The test involves a quick and simple blood draw, from a vein in your hand or arm. Nexel Medical can have this test performed for you locally; it’s what we do for all of our patients nationwide prior to receiving their diagnosis and treatment recommendations from our doctors. As a respected online hormone therapy medical provider with national reach, Nexel Medical has perfected the procedures for providing high quality testosterone replacement therapy programs for men and women across the US. And it begins with a simple test that you can have performed at a local medical lab – a test that helps our doctors to pinpoint the extent of your state of hormone deficiency.

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