What Is the Cost of Testosterone Therapy

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Adults now have more ways in which they can be proactive about their health rather than reactive, thanks to medical science. However, some of these health-sustaining solutions have a price tag attached to them, which is why every adult who has symptoms of testosterone deficiency should get the facts on what is the cost of testosterone therapy now.

Yet some of the facts about Low T therapy that are not directly related to its cost are essential to know also. Here is one: There are currently about 12 million men in the US who are suffering from the symptoms of testosterone deficiency who are not receiving treatment for it. This could be liked to the fact that most US doctors will not screen patients for low male hormone levels as part of a routine physical since the medical purview is that testosterone levels decrease naturally as men age.

But what are the costs of allowing this condition to go untreated? Especially since many medical insurers do provide coverage for clinically verified and symptomatic testosterone deficiency. Fortunately, even patients who are self-payers for one reason or another have found that the cost of using medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to be quite affordable, particularly if they are using the injectable form of treatment. But they measure the value of their treatment in other very important ways – they measure it in feeling more vibrant and alive; by having a satisfying sex life; by retaining their sense of male identity; and by be able to stay physically and emotionally strong.

And in fact, in regard to what is the cost of testosterone therapy, a medically sound and effective TRT program that is not covered by insurance can cost just a few hundred dollars a month or less. It will depend on the extent of deficiency and the choice of medication. The cost of continuing to suffer from Low T symptoms probably cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but it can be measured in something that is even more important: Your happiness with your life.

How You Can Manage Your Testosterone Therapy Costs

How You Can Manage Your Testosterone Therapy Costs

The pharmaceutical treatment options for Low T have increased rapidly over recent years, and their respective costs can range widely. If you were to compare what is the cost of testosterone therapy that utilizes a daily-applied gel treatment against the cost of using therapy that utilizes injections that are self-administered every week or two, you would discover that the injections cost substantially less to use.

Obviously, not everyone is going to be comfortable with the idea of self-administering an injection, even if it is only a few times a month. This is undoubtedly why the topical forms of treatment have become so popular, despite their significantly higher cost. But managing your treatment cost also means being savvy about your medical insurance coverage. If your coverage for Low T therapy is initially denied, you should contact your insurer and ask to speak to the HIPPA Compliance Privacy Officer, which federal law requires them to have available to you.

And if you will ultimately be paying for your treatment yourself, discuss this with your TRT provider before a particular form of treatment is prescribed for you. Legitimate hormone therapy providers such as Nexel Medical typically have patient assistance advisors who will be happy to guide patients to sound treatment solutions for their particular circumstances and/or requirements. At Nexel Medical, our clinical advisors are always happy to assist adults with their concerns regarding the potential cost of their treatment, including the cost of the intermittent blood testing that will be used to monitor their therapy’s progress and safety. 

Does Low Cost Testosterone Therapy Mean Low Quality?

High quality TRT doesn’t always have to come with a high price attached to it. Granted, there are some clinics that provide many additional therapeutic services – that are not necessarily always medical in nature – that can really ad up and increase what is the cost of testosterone therapy from them substantially. Many of these clinics specialize in what has come to be known as “anti-aging medical treatment.”

However, you can TRT that is both high quality and affordable from an online provider like Nexel Medical that has streamlined the treatment process without sacrificing any of the proper medical protocols for Low T therapy. For adults who want a straightforward and convenient way to achieve testosterone balance without breaking the bank, using a respected and fully licensed medical provider such as Nexel Medical makes perfect sense – especially when they discover that their testing and treatment procedures can all be conveniently performed locally for them.

If you didn’t realize that adults are now receiving receive state of the art hormone replacement therapy from a variety of today’s highly respected online medical providers, this represents a major development in how people are now accessing the specialized health care services they require. Times have indeed changed, and people no longer have to travel long distances or wait for months to see a hormone therapy specialist. Now you can just grab your phone, or send an email to contact a quality TRT provider like Nexel Medical and learn everything you need to know about the cost of treatment in just a few minutes’ time.

It doesn’t cost anything to get more information on testosterone replacement from the experienced hormone therapy professionals at Nexel Medical. Don’t you owe it to yourself to at least do that?

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