What Is the Most Effective Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What Is the Most Effective Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Has the landscape of treatment options for Low T changed its appearance much over the last 20 years? Most men assume that it has – and they are correct about that. But what is the most effective testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) option that is available today? Is it possible that the original modality, which is using an injectable pharmaceutical form of testosterone, remains the best option for many patients?

Hormone therapy medical providers know none of the unique treatment profiles of today’s choices for TRT is a one-size-fits-all remedy for all of their patients. Once they get to know their patient’s individual requirements, lifestyle, physical condition, and treatment goals, they can make an informed decision about whether prescribing a protocol of testosterone injections, gels or subcutaneously inserted pellets makes the most sense and will yield the best results. But the real issue for most patients whose top priority is the elimination of their unwanted symptoms is which form is the most effective one?

This, too, depends on individual factors; but for many, it is the affordability and consistency of using the injectable form of treatment that answers the question of what is the most effective testosterone replacement therapy. Undeniably, there has been a growing interest in the use of gels or creams that are applied topically that can be directly linked to the increased marketing exposure that these products have been receiving. The pellets are a less widely known and tested form of treatment because they are newer; and a variety of oral modalities have largely been abandoned by medical providers because of either their potential to cause organ damage or their inefficacy.

Is the Cost of All Forms of Testosterone Therapy the Same?

Is the Cost of All Forms of Testosterone Therapy the Same

No, it’s not. In fact, some patients have been switching to testosterone injections after trying the topical forms and three main reasons have been cited for this trend: They want the greater convenience of using fewer treatments; they want to stop worrying about cross-contamination to other family members; and they are attracted to the lower cost of using injectable testosterone over the topically applied gels and creams. Implant costs tend to vary widely depending on the medical provider who prescribes and performs the procedure. 

Of course, the elephant in the room when it comes to the cost of what is the most effective testosterone replacement therapy for any individual patients is whether their health insurance is going to cover it. Anyone who is thinking about receiving medical treatment for Low T should first contact their insurance provider to see what coverage might be available to them for this treatment. Ask whether the cost of testosterone blood testing is covered; ask if there are any limitations on the length of your therapy program; and find out if there are any restrictions on the form of therapy that is prescribed for you.

Whether or not you have insurance coverage for this treatment, be sure to ask any provider that you are considering some questions, too. Ask them right up front what the anticipated costs of the various treatment procedures they utilize are. Ask about their payment terms for the medical services they provide (some providers require payment from insured patients and provide them with the documentation they will need for reimbursement); ask if they provide patients with a reputable online pharmacy to purchase their prescribed treatments from; and them how extensive their professional experience is in prescribing the various modalities of testosterone replacement therapy.

What If There Are No Testosterone Clinics or Doctors Near You?

We just mentioned online pharmacies; but many adults have never used an online medical provider. This growing trend is a sign of our times, to be sure – and the advent of reputable and fully licensed online doctors and clinics that specialize in areas of practice such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy programs fits perfectly into today’s busy and demanding adult lifestyles.

What is also great about this development is that people no longer have to wait for weeks or longer to ask a qualified physician a question like what is the most effective testosterone replacement therapy? Instead, they can often do a little research among the various websites that these online providers maintain and get answers to many of their questions. And if they become confused by the preponderance of information they are confronted by online, they can simply a provider like Nexel Medical that encourages adults to contact us directly to get a person answer from an experienced clinical advisor right on the spot.

People are no longer limited by their geographic location, or by their jam-packed daily schedules, when it comes to taking care of their personal healthcare needs. It now takes just a few minutes and a quick phone call to access astute and helpful medical information about a condition like testosterone deficiency. Regardless of where you may live, online providers such as Nexel Medical have made it faster, easier and extremely efficient for all adults to get both timely information as well as safe and effective treatment for Low T. So why not call and find out what your most effective form of treatment would be?

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