What to Expect from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What You Can Expect from Your Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If asked, many men would probably describe their male hormone supply as their personal power source. The problem is that this source of masculine power and virility is not always an ongoing one – like when a testosterone deficiency develops. So what can you expect from your testosterone replacement therapy regimen if you decide to seek treatment for your Low T symptoms?

If you have a genuine male hormone deficiency, which can be clinically verified by having a specific blood test performed, you have probably been dealing with a drop in your energy levels and sex drive for a while. That means that you are most like hoping that replenishing your supply will boost your energy and sexuality back to where they used to be; and for most men, therapy does improve these things.

But did you know that your testosterone deficiency could also put you at a much higher risk for developing chronic depression, heart disease, osteoporosis, and even Type 2 diabetes? If you didn’t, then you probably didn’t realize that an improved health outlook is a big part of what to expect from testosterone replacement therapy. And reducing your risk for developing degenerative medical conditions like these becomes increasing critical as you get on in years.

So aside from expecting to feel more like your former self again, the more vital and virile version, you can expect to stay healthier for longer from getting your male hormone supply back in its proper balance. Keep in mind that your doctor will also want you to focus on practicing the healthier lifestyle habits that support and protect your body’s testosterone production, such as getting enough exercise and making good nutrition a priority (step away from fatty food and junk food). If you follow your hormone therapy’s advice and use your treatments exactly as prescribed, you can expect to get a lot from your testosterone replacement therapy program. 

Your Testosterone Therapy Results Will Be As Unique As You Are

Your Testosterone Therapy Results Will Be As Unique As You Are

Also bear in mind that for most patients, improvement in the symptoms of Low T is going to be a progressive process, so it would be unrealistic to expect any instant transformations. It is also common for a patient’s need for therapy to be an ongoing one.

However, studies have shown that it works; some men notice a marked improvement in certain symptoms, such as low libido and feelings of depression or emotional unease, within just a few weeks. Over the course of several months, most patients can expect to notice significant improvements in all of their symptoms and will typically be able to observe things like healthier muscle tone, mid-section fat loss, and the return of their former strength and vitality. And as your bones become strengthened, you will probably find that those aches and pains you’ve been living with are becoming a thing of the past, too.

But it is really impossible to tell you exactly what to expect from testosterone replacement therapy because each patient is physiologically unique and will respond to treatment in an individual way. For the same reason, some patients might experience some minor side effects while others experience none at all. Hormone replacement therapy doctors know that adjustments in any patient’s regimen of treatment are sometimes necessary to produce the best results.

So it is imperative to only use any form of testosterone replacement, whether it is injections, gels or some other form, when it has been appropriately prescribed by an experienced physician who is well qualified to supervise and customize your treatment. It is both illegal and unsafe for anyone to use bio-identical testosterone under any other conditions.  

Get A Testosterone Therapy Doctor Who Understands Your Needs

What happens when your own doctor seems tentative or doubtful about testing you or prescribing treatment for your Low T levels? Does it mean that you have to find another doctor? Well, yes it usually does mean that you will need to find a hormone therapy specialist – but you don’t have to give up your regular doctor.

Many adults turn to hormone specialists strictly for diagnosing and treating their hormone deficiencies, because they find that these are the types of medical providers who can truly explain what to expect from testosterone replacement therapy as well as other adult-onset hormone disorders. They also find a level of understanding in regard to their symptoms that they don’t always find with their own primary care providers. 

Luckily, it has become much easier for people to find doctors like these just by going online … that’s how you found Nexel Medical. Our doctors are seasoned and respected hormone therapy specialists who know how to identify Low T symptoms; who know which type of blood test to have performed and how to properly evaluate the results; and who know which form of testosterone replacement therapy will work best for each patient, We see patients as unique individuals, each with his or her own specific therapeutic requirements; and we are not here to replace you primary medical care but to supplement it.

Call us and one of our clinical advisors will be happy to explain in more detail what to expect from testosterone replacement therapy that has been individually prescribed just for you. We can also explain how easy we have made it for our patients to have their diagnostic testing and medical exam performed by one of our local doctors in their area.

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