What Will Testosterone Therapy Do For Me

What Will Testosterone Therapy Do For Me at My Age

Statistically, very few men under the age of 30 are afflicted by adult-onset testosterone deficiency symptoms, so their answer to what will testosterone therapy do for me at my age is usually nothing. Low T (the common term for testosterone deficiency) is a medical disorder that typically affects men at some point during their mid-life years, and the only reason that most men become aware that they have Low T is because it often, but not always, triggers a variety of undesirable symptoms.

When we talk abut adult-onset Low T, we are not talking about the kind of testosterone deficiency that can be caused by an injury or illness that affects a person’s endocrine function. All of our hormone levels tend to decline with age, but when they have declined to an excessively low level for any particular age group that an adult belongs to, it can lead to symptoms that can be medically treated.

Since adult-onset hormone disorders typically advance slowly and progressively, a person can have a particular hormone deficiency such as Low T or human growth hormone (HGH) deficiency for years without realizing it. It also doesn’t help that hormone deficiency are frequently misdiagnosed or downplayed by many primary care providers. Fortunately, there are simple to perform blood tests that a knowledgeable hormone therapy doctor can use to diagnose these types of deficiencies. However, many adults of widely varying ages want to know the same thing before getting tested, which is what will testosterone therapy do for me if my male hormone levels have become too low? The short answer to all of them is that it will help to alleviate your unwanted symptoms.

Will the Cost of Testosterone Therapy Give Me a Good Return?

Will the Cost of Testosterone Therapy Give Me a Good Return

Yet there is a longer answer that all adults with Low T deserve to have to that question, as well as to whether the cost can be justified, and we will get into those details here. To begin with, if you suspect that you have been experiencing symptoms that are commonly indicative of testosterone deficiency, the first call you should make is to your health insurance provider to determine what coverage you have for this condition.

Despite some initial reluctance, more and more medical insurers are now providing coverage for symptomatic testosterone deficiency. After decades of medical use, they can no longer legitimately refer to this treatment as experimental or unproven because it is definitely neither of these things. Testosterone replacement therapy has time and again proven its medical value and legitimacy by offering consistent improvement to adults who are suffering from:

  • The loss of their sexual desire and ability to perform
  • The loss of their strength and muscle tone
  • The loss of their lean physique due to stubborn belly fat
  • The loss of their emotional stability
  • The loss of restful sleep
  • The loss of their mental focus

So the restoration of these important things is the answer to what will testosterone therapy do for me, and they are important enough that even patients who don’t have insurance coverage for TRT are willing to pay for the cost of their treatment. That fact alone says a lot about what a good return the effectiveness of this therapy is, but results can vary based on a variety of physiological factors. Older men often require different a different dosing protocol from that used in younger men to receive maximum results, which is why a patient’s age can be a major consideration for hormone therapy doctors when prescribing treatment.

At What Age Do Women Start Using Testosterone Therapy?

Many people are genuinely surprised to learn that women can also be testosterone replacement patients; but they may not realize that for some women, the sudden drop in their testosterone levels with the onset of menopause can cause some significant symptoms that are hard and/or unhealthy to live with.

As an androgen, testosterone is a sex-related hormone in both men and women. In women, this substance is produced by the ovaries; the adrenal glands; and by fat cells. By the time they reach the age of menopause, most women will have just half the amount of testosterone in their system as they did during puberty. So when a women has lost her sex drive or her ability to become aroused post-menopause, the answer to what can testosterone therapy do for me is that is can restore her sexual desire.

Since women have a much lower amount of this hormone to begin with, female testosterone replacement therapy typically utilizes much lower doses than those that are generally prescribed for men. Clinical studies have shown that the medical use of supplemental testosterone in women who have lost their sex drive post-menopause has a positive effect on their sexual arousal and frequency.   

Can You Be Too Young to Use Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

As noted previously, very few males will medically qualify for Low T therapy before reaching the age of 30 or so, since most adult men typically don’t develop male hormone loss suddenly. However, studies conducted by doctors at the New England Research Institutes have led them to conclude that testosterone levels in US men are trending downward. They believe that something in western culture in having an adverse effect on male hormone levels in general, and that younger men are now showing the signs of developing Low T.

So how will you know if using TRT is an age-appropriate choice for you? Is it valid to ask yourself what will testosterone therapy do for me if you are still in your twenties? What hormone therapy doctors believe is valid is for any adult to get tested for deficiency if one or more of the typical symptoms are present and have become chronic. Having an occasional issue with erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a sign of Low T; all men experience sexual performance issues from time to time.  But if you have developed chronic problems with your sex drive or performance; or if you are experiencing mood swings for no apparent reasons; or have become lethargic or out of shape without explanation, then these things could be indicating that something is going on with your body’s ale hormone supply.

Why waste time guessing or worrying about problems like these? Call Nexel Medical and talk to one of our clinical advisors about having a testosterone blood test conveniently performed in your local area. Perhaps your hormones are aging faster than the rest of you; and if they are, there is a way to get them back into range that offers continual support to your health, virility and vibrancy.

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