When Does Testosterone Therapy Start Working

Find Out When Does Testosterone Therapy Start Working for You

People who live intentionally usually don’t leave things to chance; they also tend to be results-oriented in regard to obtaining the things that matter most to them, such as protecting and maintaining their good health. This is why our hormone therapy doctors are seldom surprised when one of the first things that a patient wants to know is when does testosterone therapy start working, because they know that most men are eager to eliminate their Low T symptoms and get their lives, and health, back on track.

So our Nexel Medical doctors have summarized the answer to that question, along with several others that they frequently receive from adults who are interested in getting medical treatment for testosterone deficiency. But we will address the average timeframe for getting results first, since we realize that it is important to a lot of men, living all across the US, who are focused on eliminating the unwelcome deficiency symptoms that have diminished their physical health and emotional wellbeing. We are using an average timeframe because each patient is going to respond to their treatment uniquely; however, with the benefit of years of specialization in the successful treatment of Low T, our doctors know that this timeframe information closely reflects the actual results that are experienced by the majority of adult men who are using testosterone replacement therapy.

When does testosterone start working? Well, it actually starts working within your body almost immediately; but what most men mean by this is when will they start noticing results. Most patients experience positive changes in their symptoms within 4 to 6 weeks from the start of their treatment program. This is when the benefits of restoring balance to your male hormone levels become evident, and they include increases in your energy and improvements in moodiness. Many patients also begin noticing improvements in their sex drive and sleeping patterns during this time and as their treatment cycle continues, month-by-month the results that you experience will become both more pronounced and more comprehensive. Your muscles will become more defined; your belly fat will finally start to disappear; your bones will become stronger; your cognitive function will be sharper; you’ll have more strength and endurance; and you sex life will be at a whole new level.

Will Your Insurance Cover the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

Will Your Insurance Cover the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

Doctors really can no longer definitively answer this question for anyone because of the many differences that now exist among the health care insurance plans that people in the US have. Here at Nexel Medical, we have always encouraged people to contact us at any time with questions like when does testosterone therapy start working and just about anything else that pertains to using a Low T treatment program. But in regard to what your, or any other adult’s, particular insurance plan does or does not cover, the best advice that we can offer you is to contact your insurance provider and ask them, preferably as soon as you’ve decided that you want to pursue medical treatment for your deficiency symptoms.

You might find out that there are deductibles that apply, or that there will be co-payments that you will be responsible for making, or any number of possible restrictions or limitations imposed by your current health care insurance. Yet you might find out that your treatment will be completely covered; it completely depends on your policy’s own particular terms and conditions. At Nexel Medical, we have patients who are self-paying their treatment costs as well as patients who have some type of insurance coverage; however, our policy is to invoice patients directly – and to provide them with whatever documentation they may require for the purpose of being reimbursed by their insurance provider.

This allows us to keep our administrative costs down and be able pass those savings along to our patients; so not only is it exceptionally convenient to receive doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy from a highly qualified online hormone therapy provider like Nexel Medical, it can also be very cost-effective for adults with Low T to do so.

How Our Testosterone Therapy Doctors Provide Local Treatment

Convenience is probably the chief reason that people initially embrace the use of online specialists and other medical providers, but it is the high level of medical quality found in providers like Nexel Medical that has been convincing adults across the US that online medical providers are the way to go. But would you be surprised to find out that you can actually begin the Low T treatment process at Nexel Medical in the same amount of time that it takes to get the question of when does testosterone therapy start working answered?

It’s a fact; in just one short phone call to Nexel Medical, one of our clinical advisors can schedule a testosterone blood test for you, to be performed at a clinical testing facility near you. During the same phone call, your advisor can also schedule your preliminary physical exam at one of our affiliated local doctors in your vicinity. This will take care of two of the prerequisites for receiving medical prescribed testosterone replacement therapy; the third prerequisite, which is submitting you medical history to Nexel Medical, can be quickly and easily completed by using the convenient form for this purpose that is on our website.

Upon qualifying for TRT, you will be issued a prescription for the testosterone medications that your Nexel Medical doctor has recommended for you – and you will also be able to immediately purchase them through our licensed online pharmacy for prompt delivery to you. These efficient treatment innovations are making it possible for the many adults who medically require Low T therapy to access it locally and conveniently, regardless of where in the US they are located. So it’s the ideal solution for adults who are eager to learn when does testosterone therapy start working, because it allows them to start the treatment process faster than they ever could.

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