When To Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Know When To Start A Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program

Some say that timing is everything in life – and while it probably isn’t accurate to claim that it’s everything, undoubtedly there are many instances when the right, or wrong, timing can change the entire direction of a person’s life. Knowing the most opportune timing for when to start testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can definitely have a very positive impact on an adult’s life. However, since TRT needs to be medically prescribed (it’s illegal in the US for anyone to use testosterone without having a valid prescription for it), you will need the assistance of a licensed medical doctor to determine the best time for you to begin your program.

Because our doctors at Nexel Medical are hormone replacement specialists, they are asked a lot of different questions about the detection and treatment of Low T. However, one question is so sensible that you would think it has a simple, commonsense answer – but it really doesn’t. A number of men have asked us why their regular doctors do not have testosterone deficiency testing performed for them by their primary care doctors as a routine part of their health’s maintenance. Yet the answer is that there could be a variety of reasons. Their doctors might not be proficient or experienced in TRT; their medical insurance might not cover it; a doctor might feel it’s more appropriate to refer patient who wants hormone testing to a specialist; the many possible reasons for this could continue on and on.

But regardless of the reasons, when adults in the US want to find out when to start testosterone replacement therapy they often cannot get the answer from their primary healthcare providers. So that is why TRT specialists like Nexel Medical are filling that gap by providing medical treatment for the adult-onset hormone disorders that many people develop, but few general practitioners are qualified to diagnose or treat. And the best time for any adult to contact Nexel Medical about receiving testing and/or treatment for a hormone deficiency such as Low T is when you’ve begun to exhibit its associated symptoms.

Accept That Using Testosterone Replacement Is a Commitment

Accept That Using Testosterone Replacement Is a Commitment

Knowing when to start testosterone replacement therapy is only step number one is restoring and maintaining your body’s essential male hormone levels. One of the reasons that hormone replacement medicine is specialization is that it involves the ongoing therapeutic use and medical monitoring of each patient’s treatment program. So it makes treatment an ongoing commitment between patients and their doctors.

The best results for sustaining optimal hormonal balance are achieved by the consistent use of bio-identical hormones to supplement what a patient’s endocrine system is no longer capable of producing. Each patient’s program is based on the results of their initial blood levels testing and is monitored throughout by the same testing performed at periodic intervals. This is the only way to ensure that blood levels goals are being met and it allows for any required adjustments in a patient’s individual treatment dosage.

If you initial testosterone blood test indicates that a deficiency has developed, and your Nexel Medical doctor has determined that you are a viable candidate for using TRT (based on your symptoms, physical condition and health history), you will need to decide if you are ready to commit to the long-term use of Low T medical treatments. Whether you will be using a delivery method, such as a gel or cream, that needs to be applied daily, or using testosterone injections a few times each month, your decision needs to made knowing that it will be an ongoing commitment.

But in return for making that commitment, you will be rewarded with a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Your Low T symptoms will be diminished and they will be replaced by the revitalization of your energy, strength, libido, and focus. You’ll improve your long-term health outlook along with your longevity factors. So finding out when to start testosterone replacement therapy marks the beginning of a long-term commitment to their continuing wellbeing that many men have decided is definitely worth making.    

Understand the Benefit-to-Risk Ratio of Testosterone Therapy

Men seek out testing and treatment for Low T because they want to lose their symptoms and they also want to gain the other benefits that TRT delivers. And while it is generally considered by the medical community to be a low-risk form of therapy, no medical treatment can ever claim to be zero-risk for the patients who will be using it.

Along with learning when to start testosterone replacement therapy, there are a few other things that any patient should learn about. Possible side effects, for one thing. Actually, when patients are following their programs as they have been prescribed the probability that they will have to deal with unwanted side effects is very low. However, as in all medical treatments, the possibility does exist; and in relatively rare cases, TRT patients have experienced temporary side effects such as headaches, fluid retention and joint pain. Effects like these have been shown to disappear when the patient’s dosage has been adjusted or their treatment has been suspended.

Concerns about experiencing any undesirable long-term effects have either been disproven or are simply unknown at this point. But testosterone replacement therapy have been in medical use for decades and thus far there has been no conclusive clinical evidence produced that indicates that their long-term use would be harmful to a patient’s health. Where we have conclusive evidence is in the health benefits that TRT patients receive. Treatment has been shown to provide patients with protection from developing a number of degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease.

Then there are the benefits that are delivered within the first six months of deciding when to start testosterone replacement therapy; this is when patients receive the substantial improvements in their energy, strength, sex drive, mental focus, and moods. They also benefit from improved metabolic function, which aids in losing excess fat and gain improvements to their muscle tone and mass. All in all, the benefit-to-risk ratio associated with TRT is very much in any clinically qualified patient’s favor. 

Appreciate the Many Rewards of Treatment That You’ll Receive

For most of us, remaining healthy and being satisfied with our lives are two of the greatest gifts that any person can have. But health issues can damage a person’s lifestyle satisfaction significantly. So it is important to appreciate the health benefits that you will receive from using medical treatment for your condition of Low T, because they are the things that will ultimately allow you to continue to live an active and rewarding lifestyle now and for the many years that are ahead of you.

Your DNA is what makes you who you are, but to a large extent it is keeping your critical hormone levels in optimum balance that helps make you into the best version of yourself. Knowing when to start testosterone replacement therapy will allow you to stay strong, vibrant and virile in the same way that knowing when you need to use a human growth hormone replacement therapy program will allow you to stay more youthful and resilient.

There are both rewards and challenges that are involved in living your adult years with health, vitality and a sense of contentment with your life; and meeting those challenges often requires the health rewards that hormone replacement therapy delivers to adults who develop hormone deficiencies like Low T. It’s been said that people often don’t appreciate what they have until they no longer have it so when you are fortunate enough to have a health issue that is treatable and reversible, make sure that you make the most of what your treatment has returned to you.

When you appreciate the extraordinary value being able to continue on with plenty of vitality and healthfulness that is given to many adults through the use of hormone replacement therapy, make the most of it. Enjoy every day of your life; continue challenging yourself to reach new goals; and take full advantage of being at your best. And if this sounds like how you’d like to live, unrestricted by the chronic symptoms of testosterone loss, then it could be time to start the TRT treatment process with the expert help of Nexel Medical.

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