Who Can Prescribe Testosterone Therapy

Health Bulletin: Who Can Prescribe Testosterone Therapy Drugs?

As you probably know, the Internet contains at least as much inaccurate information as it contains accurate and reliable information. It is because of this that many adults are not clear on who can prescribe testosterone therapy drugs for them legally. So we will begin this bulletin, which has been prepared by licensed US medical doctors who are experienced in the treatment of Low T, by unequivocally stating that the only individuals who are legally allowed to prescribe the drugs used in male hormone replacement therapy are licensed doctors. There are no exceptions to this federal regulation; it is the legal requirement for every person living anywhere in the US.

The arrival of the digital world and the Internet that dominates it has not changed this requirement; however, what has changed the situation is the arrival of thousands of illegal businesses and scams that now exist online. To say that this has created a wide variety of potentially treacherous circumstances that all Internet users are increasingly exposed to would be putting it mildly. Among the most treacherous of these circumstances is the illegal sales of prescription medications, which are often faked, altered or even contaminated versions of drugs that are controlled by federal regulations in this country. Some of them are manufactured in other countries, which automatically makes them illegal for US residents to purchase and use; others are simply not what they claim to be.

So in order for people in the US to comply with both the federal regulations and the recommended medical protocols for the use of bio-identical testosterone, they must have it legitimately prescribed for them by a licensed US physician who can prescribe testosterone therapy, and purchased from a licensed US pharmacy – it cannot be stated any more clearly than that. And anyone who plans to receive treatment for their Low T symptoms should be very glad that these are the federal and medical requirements, because the only those testosterone drugs that have been properly prescribed, obtained, and supervised can be relied on to deliver the treatment results that you and your doctor want to see.  

What Are the Testosterone Therapy Drugs That Doctors Prescribe?

What Are the Testosterone Therapy Drugs That Doctors Prescribe?

With the incidence of adult-onset male hormone deficiency on the rise, recent years have seen a significant expansion in the variety of prescription medications that doctors who can prescribe testosterone therapy have available to them. The best TRT doctors make the effort to familiarize themselves with the different formulations on behalf of their patients, because they know that it’s likely that some of these medications will produce better results in an individual patient than others.

And that is how testosterone replacement therapy is supposed to be prescribed – on an individual patient basis whose personal hormone therapy requirements have been carefully and clinically assessed. Today’s TRT providers need to decide whether each patient is likely to respond better to a program of testosterone injections, and what type; or of a transdermal gel or cream, and which one; or of implanted pellets, and which brand; or using a skin patch or dissolvable oral lozenge form of treatment. All of these forms of testosterone medications require having a valid prescription in order to purchase and use them.

Each patient’s personal physiology and other health factors, along with their personal preferences, also must be integrated into the process of deciding which type of bio-identical testosterone treatments to prescribe. At Nexel Medical, our doctors primarily prescribe injectable testosterone cypionate for our patients, and it is because of years of experience in TRT have shown us that this form of treatment consistently produces positive results with minimal downside. Transdermal formulations have gained a lot of attention from aggressive marketing efforts, so some of our patients prefer to try one of those forms of treatment. However, as many of the doctors who can prescribe testosterone therapy will tell you, complaints about the associated side effects of the prescription gels, creams and skin patches have also been on the rise. So it is not unusual for patients who started with one form to switch to another form, such as self-administered testosterone injections that require fewer doses, cost less to use, and have shown a very low incidence of unwanted side effects.      

How Testosterone Therapy Doctors Qualify Patients for Treatment

Restoring a patient’s optimal hormonal balance requires clinical skill and precision. Therefore, virtually all of the country’s clinics and doctors who can prescribe testosterone therapy properly will tell their patients that the use of hormone replacement therapy will require ongoing blood tests. These tests are needed to measure the amount of hormones that a patient currently has available to them; they are used for making a correct diagnosis, and they are used periodically throughout a patient’s program of treatment to measure the progress of their replenished hormone levels.

In qualifying any adult for testosterone replacement therapy, doctors need to follow a set of recommended clinical procedures in order to ensure that treatment will be safe and effective for them to use. At Nexel Medical, our doctors have been able to streamline these procedures for our patients along with making them locally accessible to adults across the US. To see if you medically qualify for using TRT, you will need to submit your medical history to us; have a blood test performed at a clinical testing lab in your area; and have a physical exam performed by one of our affiliated doctors located near you. These requirements are not complicated but they are essential; and Nexel Medical has made it very convenient for you to be able to take care of them.

The ongoing monitoring of the progress that your prescribed treatment program is making is also an essential component of successful male hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement is a continuing therapeutic process and any medical professional who can prescribe testosterone therapy legally but does not properly follow-up each patient’s treatment with the recommended testing is not fulfilling their professional responsibility. Nexel Medical’s doctors consistently follow the correct medical protocols for prescribing and supervising every patient’s TRT program because we believe that every patient has the right to expect and receive ethical and effective medical treatment for their health issues.

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