Will Testosterone Therapy Help Build Muscle

Male Health: Will Testosterone Therapy Help Build Muscle Mass?

The human body has more than 600 muscles, all designed to perform individual functions. But when our doctors at Nexel Medical are asked by men will testosterone therapy help build muscle, they know that the muscles these men are most concerned with are the ones that they can witness the obvious loss of muscle tone and mass in.

Men who have developed low testosterone levels will often notice the muscles of their arms, legs and chest losing their healthy tone and size. So we are always glad to be able to tell them testosterone replacement therapy has been shown – and it has been confirmed once again by the results of a recent study on this issue – to help rebuild muscle mass while simultaneously helping to shed excess fat. In fact, maintaining healthy hormone levels throughout adulthood provides a variety of benefits that are critical to continued healthfulness, which will also be addressed here. And when you understand that our hundreds of different muscles help to keep us strong; support healthy blood circulation; move essential substances through our bodies; and keep us standing tall, the idea of sustaining them by providing our bodies with an adequate male hormone supply sounds more and more like a very sensible one.

However, if you are one of the thousands of US adults who is currently suffering from the various symptoms cause by Low T then you probably want to find out more about the benefits of treating it, in addition to will testosterone therapy help build muscle. You have probably noticed a number of unwanted changes to your physicality as well as changes to your moods, your mental focus, and your sex life. Male hormone loss can produce unhealthy changes in all of these things and only one treatment has ever been shown as effective in reversing those changes, and it is the medically supervised supplementation of your body’s current hormone levels with an ongoing program of bio-identical testosterone treatments.   

The Connection Between Testosterone Therapy and Bone Strength

The Connection Between Testosterone Therapy and Bone Strength

Far less visible, but just as damaging, is the unwelcome decline in an adult’s bone density that the development of Low T levels contributes to. While the human body does not have as many different hormones as it does muscles, it still has well over 100; and they are needed in helping our systems and organs continue to function as they should. Some of our hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, are necessary for sustaining strong bones and healthy muscle mass as we get older.

So along with wondering will testosterone therapy help build muscles, you might want to know how it can help to prevent osteoporosis, which can develop in aging men as well as women. Reduced bone density is often what leads to the debilitating fractures, broken bones and reduced mobility that occur in older adults, severely reducing their health and their quality of life. One must remember that vitality and wellness don’t just come from one source, such as having healthy muscle tone, but instead comes from everything in your body working together and functioning optimally. This includes your body’s cell renewal activity, its brain function, and your emotional state among many other things.

Keeping your hormonal levels properly balanced, especially after the age of 3o or so, is an essential component of adult health. So you can either view your Low T symptoms as an inevitable and chronic nuisance, which some men choose to do, or you can view them as a warning that your entire body’s wellness could eventually decline due to an untreated male hormone deficiency – and choose to do something to help your mind, body and emotional state function as healthily as possible. And that something is to use a medically prescribed treatment program that will keep your testosterone supply intact.

Testosterone Therapy Supports Hormonal Health and Total Health

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of undesirable symptoms that can be caused by male hormone deficiency and none of these symptoms are good news for your overall healthfulness. And for every question that our doctors receive in regard to will testosterone therapy help build muscle they receive questions that involve different types of Low T symptoms.

Our doctors and clinical advisors often get asked about whether using male hormone replacement treatments will improve their extremely low energy levels, and because one of the telltale symptoms of this type of hormone deficiency is chronic fatigue the answer to that question is yes it should. Naturally many men want to know if testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is as effective as they have heard in restoring both their sex drive and their ability to maintain erections, and we tell them that yes, it is very effective for the vast majority of patients in that regard. We also explain how having an adequate male hormone supply will help them to sleep more soundly, which is essential for staying healthy.

Medical researchers are still uncovering the many and sometimes surprising ways in which testosterone contributes to an adult’s physiological health and emotional wellbeing; and they have also already clinically disproven some of the arguments against using TRT that have claimed it to be unnecessarily risky. The doctors at Nexel Medical are hormone replacement specialists and have many years of experience – we have had many opportunities to witness the safety and effectiveness of correctly prescribed testosterone replacement therapy programs for ourselves, because we prescribe them and it’s the health and wellbeing of our many patients that has been improved by them.

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