Pfizer Depo-Testosterone Cypionate Injection 200mg/ml

Depo Testosterone

At Nexel Medical, one of the most widely prescribed controlled pharmaceutical substances that our doctors prescribe for our testosterone replacement therapy patients is Pfizer DEPO-Testosterone cypionate injection. After clinically verifying that a patient’s serum testosterone concentrations are below the normal range, our doctors will present the patient’s options for treatment to them. Many of our patients opt to use the injectable form of testosterone cypionate for their Low T treatment because it requires fewer dosages than other forms; is often the most affordable option; and has been shown to consistently deliver the desired therapeutic results to patients.

So it can be very useful and enlightening for anyone who is considering a program of injectable Low T therapy to learn more about this specific pharmaceutically manufactured substance. It is only intended for medical use as an intramuscular injection, and in appearance, testosterone cypionate is a white or creamy white crystalline powder. It is oil-soluble for its injectable medical use and is available in two different strengths, 100 mg/mL and 200 mg/mL. Both strengths of this injectable solution contain the same ingredients, which are testosterone cypionate, benzyl benzoate, cottonseed oil, and benzyl alcohol (as a preservative).

In prescribing Pfizer DEPO-Testosterone cypionate injection 200 mg/mL for our patients, our doctors have these primary factors in mind: the effectiveness of this specific dosage of this substance; the substance’s pharmaceutical purity and authenticity; and, because Low T therapy is an ongoing endeavor for most patients, its relative affordability. As stated by Pfizer within the specified warnings for this drug, it has not been shown to be either safe or effective for the enhancement of athletic performance and should not be used for such purpose because of the potential risk for serious adverse health effects. It is strictly intended for use in the treatment of clinically significant testosterone deficiency – and as such, our doctors have found it to be an excellent treatment option for our testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) patients.

What Low T Therapy Patients Need To Know About This Drug

As in the use of all prescription drugs, the responsible way of using Pfizer DEPO-Testosterone cypionate injection 200 mg/mL is to be aware of the precautions that Pfizer has included in the labeling for this product. One of the first things for any patient to understand is that the “cypionate” and “propionate” forms of pharmaceutical testosterone are not to be used interchangeably, as these two substances each has significant differences in their duration of action. This information we are providing to you applies solely to the use of injectable DEPO-Testosterone cypionate, which should never be used intravenously, only intramuscularly.

In regard to its stated contraindications, individuals who should not be using this substance includes anyone who has a known hypersensitivity to it; males with known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate gland; males with carcinoma of the breast; individuals with serious renal, cardiac or hepatic disease; and females who are or may become pregnant as well as nursing mothers.

In patients who are qualified candidates for using this substance as their primary form of treatment, the incidence of experiencing side effects and/or long-term adverse effects is statistically low. However, all patients are instructed, as Pfizer has stated, to report to their doctors incidences nausea; vomiting; ankle swelling; changes in skin color; and penile erections that are too frequent or persistent. Other adverse reactions can include pain and inflammation at the injection site; acne; hirsutism; headaches; and feelings of anxiety or depression. These reactions should also be reported to your doctor.

However, our Nexel Medical doctors would not prescribe this Pfizer DEPO-Testosterone cypionate injection for our patients if it did not have the proven record of effectiveness and low risks that it has. Our experienced TRT doctors always determine the correct dosage to prescribe on a patient-by-patient basis, taking into account each patient’s age, sex, physical condition, and diagnosed requirements. They are able to make adjustments to a patient’s dosage depending on their individual response to the use of this form of treatment.

How To Use Pfizer DEPO-Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Prescription medications, when utilized correctly, can provide dramatic improvements in both the health and quality of life in the patients who use them. Many of these drugs are intended for treating and relieving the symptoms of chronic conditions, such as testosterone deficiency; however, the efficacy of all medications, including Pfizer DEPO Testosterone cypionate injection, ultimately depends upon patients using the appropriate dosage and administering it to themselves correctly.

If you have not previously administered injections to yourself, but are willing to learn, it does not take long for anyone to master the proper method for using this form of treatment. As an online accessible medical provider, our doctors have posted easy to follow instructional videos on how to correctly store, prepare and administer the exact form of injectable testosterone that you have been prescribed by Nexel Medical. Depending on the course and dosage of treatment that your TRT doctor has prescribed specifically for you, you will only need to administer your injections a few times each month. There is generally a resting period between treatment cycles, following the restoration of your testosterone levels to the healthy range. Once your levels begin to decline, another treatment cycle follows.

Regular serum testing is essential to the proper use of Pfizer DEPO Testosterone cypionate injection, as it is in all forms of medically prescribed TRT, because it allows your doctor to monitor your male hormone levels and to track the desired progression of your treatment. At Nexel Medical, your doctor will be capably overseeing your treatment, and our clinical advisors will always be available to assist you with the local scheduling of their serum blood testing and any other assistance that you might require. You will even be able to order and pay for your prescribed TRT medications through our convenient and secure online pharmacy, and they will be promptly delivered to you at your home or business address.

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