Testosterone Enanthate Effects

Overview of the Therapeutic Effects of Testosterone Enanthate

Throughout the years, lots of men have been in the same position that you are in now: Struggling with their Low T symptoms and wondering if they should do something about the condition that is causing them. They had some of the same questions that you now have about testosterone enanthate effects, and how using this form of treatment stacks up against the other forms of doctor prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). However, many of them probably didn’t have the access to the up to date information and treatment options that today’s men have.

Yet since the earliest times, men have understood that they need the right tools in order to get anything done right – and medically prescribed TRT is definitely the right tool for correcting male hormone deficiency and eliminating its demoralizing and health challenging symptoms. But there are various forms of TRT to choose from; and with the assistance of a qualified and experienced hormone replacement therapy, together you can determine what the best form of treatment for you to use is.

The use of injectable testosterone enanthate could ultimately be the best choice for you because it has a number of treatment attributes that many men are looking for. It is a long-lasting form of pharmaceutical testosterone, which means that it requires fewer treatments to achieve the desired therapeutic results than some other forms. It is both effective and safe for most adult men to use under the appropriate medical supervision. It is a very affordable form of TRT especially when compared to the use of doctor prescribed topically applied cream and gel forms of treatment. It has been in use for decades and has had time to establish a medically significant record of proven results

Your male counterparts in Europe are probably more familiar with the testosterone enanthate effects than some of your fellow American males, because is tends to be more universally prescribed by the TRT doctors there than it is here. Perhaps this is because it is more widely available there than some of the other injectable forms of testosterone, such as the cypionate and propionate forms that are also pharmaceutically produced. However, TRT doctors in the US are very familiar with the positive effects and consistent results that many patients receive from the proper use of testosterone enanthate injections, which includes dramatic improvements in sexual desire and performance; increased energy and stamina; greater muscle mass and tone; and the enhancement of cognitive function and emotional wellbeing.

Effects of Testosterone Enanthate vs. Testosterone Cypionate

Effects of Testosterone Enanthate vs. Testosterone Cypionate

As the correct tools for reversing male hormone deficiency, the enanthate and cypionate forms of injectable testosterone are very similar; some would describe them as interchangeable. The testosterone enanthate effects that patients receive are typically the same ones, although some men may find that either one or the other type seems to work better for them. US doctors do tend to prescribe the cypionate form more often than enanthate, which has a slightly shorter half-life than that of cypionate. So over the course of a six-month cycle of treatment use, a patient could end up using fewer testosterone cypionate injections compared to a patient using the enanthate form.

These two types of testosterone are both used medically by men with symptomatic testosterone deficiency. Both types are also often used illegitimately by athletes looking to gain a performance advantage – particularly in weightlifting and bodybuilding. In their legitimate medical usage, these two substances follow the same approximate timetable for experiencing the therapeutic effects of treatment. In a study completed just a few years ago by the European Society of Endocrinology and published by the US National Library of Medicine the time span of testosterone replacement therapy’s effects was determined to be the following:

  • The effects pertaining to improvements in sexual response begin to appear within three weeks of treatment and are maximized after six weeks; thereafter they plateau. However, it can take up to six months for patients to experience changes in erections and/or ejaculations.
  • Positive changes in lean vs. fat body mass and muscle strength occur within three to four months of using treatment, and stabilize within six months to a year.
  • Beneficial effects on bone density are detectable after six months of treatment and can continue for up to three years.
  • Improvements in emotional wellbeing, as evidenced by the reduction of depressive moods, can occur after just three to six weeks of treatment and are maximized after 18 to 30 weeks.

Your can expect that your anticipated testosterone enanthate effects will conform to these results; however, all adults respond to their treatment programs uniquely due to their individual physiological factors and requirements for treatment, as well as the extent of their male hormone deficiency. Adults using testosterone cypionate injections can expect to receive the same approximate results from their treatment.

Effects of Testosterone Enanthate vs. Testosterone Propionate

While not as widely prescribed by doctors for their patients, the use of injectable testosterone propionate is yet another form of TRT that is available to adults with male hormone deficiency symptoms. In comparison to testosterone enanthate effects, propionate has a much shorter action within the bloodstream due to its shorter ester composition; so it requires using more frequent injections. Its shorter ester also causes the injections to be significantly more uncomfortable, and often painful, for the patients who use this form of treatment.

Especially for first time users of injectable TRT, either the enanthate or cypionate form of treatment is typically a better choice than propionate. Instead of needing to self-administer injections every few days, which is what testosterone propionate users must do, patients using enanthate typically inject just once a week, while cypionate users can go even longer than that between injections – and both cypionate and enanthate injections are substantially more comfortable for patients to use. The results provided by all of these ester formulations are ultimately very similar, but users of propionate often find that their results appear faster, especially in regard to muscle improvements. Propionate users also may experience less fluid retention than users of the other two forms.

All of these forms of testosterone result in aromatization, which is the biological process that transforms testosterone into estrogen; to counteract this process, which users of propionate are particularly vulnerable to, TRT doctors will often prescribe the use of anti-estrogen drugs. Experienced hormone replacement therapy doctors will assess all of a patient’s individual factors before prescribing the exact form of treatment that should produce the best overall effects as a result of treatment. These factors include the age of the patient; weight; current condition of health; prior medical history; and the patient’s personal goals for therapy. If the testosterone enanthate effects appear to be best suited for the patient, then that is what will typically be medically recommended and prescribed. 

How to Get the Best Effects from Testosterone Enanthate

Just about everything about our bodies changes (and not for the better) as we get older; but testosterone replacement therapy has proven that not all of those changes have to be irreversible ones. However, the key to receiving the optimal testosterone enanthate effects – the effects that can help a man to feel and behave decades younger – is using it correctly. The most essential aspect of this is the consistent use of the proper dosing, which is why it is so important to have the assistance and support of an experienced and knowledgeable TRT doctor.

Periodic monitoring of the free testosterone levels circulating within your bloodstream is the most reliable measure of your therapy’s desired progress. It allows your Nexel Medical doctor to confirm that your prescribed dosage is working in a manner that will produce positive changes in your symptoms. It also allows your doctor to know when adjustments in your dosage are indicated; and these are two critical factors of safe and effective TRT that adult men who “go rogue” and attempt to illegally self-medicate their testosterone deficiency, or excessively increase their male hormone levels, are ignoring. Unfortunately for them, by ignoring the medically correct protocols that accompany the use of injectable testosterone enanthate and all of the other prescribed forms of this powerful steroid.

Yet Nexel Medical has made it very easy for you and all adults who want to eliminate their Low T symptoms to use TRT the right way. You can experience all of the positive testosterone enanthate effects by being properly tested and evaluated for Low T under the supervision of experienced hormone replacement therapy doctors. You can receive a prescription for a Low T treatment program that has been created specifically to respond to your individual requirements for therapy. And you can gain all of the health and vitality benefits that TRT delivers with minimal effort on your part due to our convenient and locally available treatment procedures.

Stop struggling with symptoms that are only going to progressively worsen and do something that will not only eliminate them – it will also improve the quality of both your health and your lifestyle. With just one phone call to Nexel Medical, you can put the wheels in motion for making that change – and we will be right there with you every step of the way.

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