What Does Testosterone Enanthate Do to Your Body

What Does Testosterone Enanthate Do to Your Body Over Time?

Medical scientists as well as hormone replacement therapy medical specialists have had decades to study and evaluate the effects of bio-identical hormones on the adults who use them to increase their deficient hormone levels. But what does testosterone enanthate do to your body over time, in light of the fact that this substance is typically prescribed for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) programs that will continue indefinitely? Does it continue to enhance a person’s overall healthfulness or does it pose any threats to that? These are reasonable questions for anyone who is considering the use of doctor prescribed testosterone enanthate injections to ask.

The answer to questions such as these can be found in the biochemical composition of the pharmaceutical substances that are prescribed for patients who have been diagnosed with clinically low T levels. Whether they are injectable TRT treatments or some other form, the active ingredient in all of them is bio-identically manufactured testosterone. The human body recognizes, accepts and utilizes this exogenous (meaning it has been produced outside of the body) form of male hormone exactly the same way as the naturally produced form (which is referred to as endogenous).

So in every sense, TRT truly is therapy; what patients are doing is nothing more than supplementing their critical male hormone supplies that we all need in order to remain physiologically sound and healthy as we continue to age. In some adults, their hormone production slows to the point of having a clinically significant deficiency, typically accompanied by chronic and unhealthy symptoms such as the loss of energy and sexual desire; the loss of muscle mass and tone; the increase of excess body fat, particularly around the mid-section; emotional instability and depression; and even a higher risk for developing certain degenerative diseases in later life.

In regard to all of these wellness issues, what does testosterone enanthate do to your body as one of the patients who uses it for achieving greater health? Well, it has been shown to reverse and often completely eliminate your Low T symptoms as it supports the optimal function of their bodies’ systems and organs. Its use restores energy and stamina; boosts sex drive; increases muscles; aids in the loss of excess belly fat; improves emotional stability and wellbeing; and may even enhance longevity. And it continues to provide these benefits for as long as they continue using their medically prescribed and monitored treatments. After many years of medical research and use, TRT continues to be considered a low-risk form of therapy as long as treatment is being appropriately used and in compliance with the correct medical protocols.

How Can You Avoid Having Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects?

How Can You Avoid Having Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects?

Not only is the use of testosterone replacement therapy a low-risk form of treatment for Low T, it also has a statistically low incidence of reported side effects. After decades of evaluating what does testosterone enanthate do to your body, TRT doctors know that a patient’s risk for experiencing any adverse effects can be significantly minimized by their consistent use of the correct treatment dosage and other critical protocols.

They also know that the side effects that have been reported are typically estrogenic in nature, meaning that they being caused by testosterone being converted to estrogen within the patient’s system. These estrogen-related side effects can include things like the enlargement of male breast tissue; fluid retention; high blood pressure; and elevated cholesterol. They don’t occur in all patients and TRT medical providers know how to manage them if they occur. Sometimes the use of an aromatase inhibitor (aromatase is name for the process that converts testosterone to estrogen) will be recommended; another way to avoid these effects is by following a nutrition plan that emphasizes foods that are rich in omega fatty acids.

Other types of effects that have been associated not just with what does enanthate do to your body but with all forms of TRT include the development of acne; hair loss and reduced sperm count that can result in infertility. Each different type of testosterone replacement therapy comes with its own precautions in regard to patients being able to successfully self-administer their treatments. In using one of the doctor prescribed cream or gel topical forms, which have to be applied daily, patients must be careful to avoid cross contamination to another person through contact. With the injectable forms such as testosterone enanthate, patients must learn how to prepare and inject their treatments correctly.

At Nexel Medical, we provide all patients using an injectable form of TRT with unlimited access to an easy to follow video tutorial that demonstrates the correct procedures to use from start to finish. The correct procedures for prepping and using injections are easy to learn and the injections require just a few minutes of your time, either once a week or a few times a month, depending on the form, dosage and schedule that your TRT doctor has prescribed for you. Your self-administered injections are also far less likely to be uncomfortable or painful when the medically correct procedures are followed.

Find Out How to Get Testosterone Enanthate Safely Prescribed

The only safe way to use substances such as bio-identical testosterone is under a medical doctor’s supervision. Without that supervision, there will really be no way to factually answer the question of what does testosterone enanthate do to your body because it is the ongoing monitoring of your treatment that provides an individual answer to that question. Respected TRT doctors utilize periodic blood testing to check on the testosterone levels of their patients; without the benefit of this testing, the adults who illegitimately or illegally use testosterone enanthate or other forms of prescription treatments for Low T can easily get into trouble either by excessively increasing their male hormone supply, or not increasing them enough to make a difference in their condition of hormonal deficiency.

So the first thing that you will need for safe and successful TRT is to find an experienced and qualified medical provider who specializes in testosterone replacement therapy programs, like Nexel Medical. And regardless of where in the US you are now living, you can access our doctors online or by calling us. One of our clinical advisors will personally assist you in scheduling your local blood testing for Low T, as well as your locally performed medical exam (which are procedures that are required prior to being diagnosed and receiving a prescription for treatment). You will be asked to submit your medical history to Nexel Medical for review by our TRT doctors in order to ensure that nothing in your health history makes Low T therapy inadvisable for you to use. A convenient form on our website makes it fast and easy to submit your medical history to us.

Now that you have learned what does testosterone enanthate do to your body that can enhance your overall health while reducing and/or completely eliminating your Low T symptoms, you might have some other questions about TRT that you would like to have answers by Nexel Medical – and that is fine with us. We encourage al adults who want to get the facts about using treatments like injectable testosterone enanthate and other prescription formulations to contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with all of the information on using Low T therapy that you need.

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