What Is Testosterone Enanthate Used for

Ask Our MDs: What Is Testosterone Enanthate Used for Today?

At Nexel Medical, our doctors use bio-identical male hormone treatments to restore hormonal balance to our adult patients. When we are asked what is testosterone enanthate used for, we can confidently answer that it is one of the most popular and effective forms of injectable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) being prescribed by experienced hormone replacement therapy specialists both here in the US and in Europe.

This substance has treatment characteristics that are extremely beneficial to the patients who use it, starting with its biochemical design to be a longer-lasting form of Low T treatment. Patients using medically prescribed testosterone enanthate injections administer treatments to themselves just a few times a month, versus the daily applications that are required for the use of topically applied prescription gels and creams. Another important characteristic of the enanthate version of injectable testosterone is its effectiveness; doctors have been prescribing it for decades (along with the very similar cypionate verion) and have been able to compile a long and impressive clinical pattern of its efficacy in eliminating Low T symptoms and restoring overall vitality to patients.

So this explains why it is still being prescribed for and used by patients today. The much newer forms of treatment – such as the topical forms, the implanted forms, and the oral lozenge forms – have not yet proven themselves to be as effective as the use of injectable forms. The results so far associated with any of these have been certainly not been groundbreaking; in fact, in tracking the clinical results of the prescription creams and gels, they appear to be very mixed with some patients reporting little to no effect from their use.

You can probably understand why, from the medical perspective, the answer to what is testosterone enanthate used for is clear and emphatic: It is used to ensure the success of a patient’s TRT program. And to all of our doctors at Nexel Medical, successful treatment is defined as providing the maximum amount of benefits to patients while keeping their risk for adverse effects to the minimum. In our view, this is what the medically supervised use of testosterone enanthate injections represents to the Low T therapy patients that our doctors confidently prescribe it for. 

Is Testosterone Enanthate Your Best Low T Treatment Option?

Is Testosterone Enanthate Your Best Low T Treatment Option?

Regardless of what type of medical specialists adults see, at some point the question of what are my treatment options is going to come up. We have briefly touched on in explaining what is testosterone enanthate used for, so for the sake of comparison we will tell you more about them now. We mentioned that there is a cypionate form of injectable testosterone that is very similar to the enanthate form; so similar that some adults mistakenly see them as completely interchangeable forms of treatment.

But they are not. Cypionate has a slightly longer chemical half-life, which means that it is a long-lasting ester than the enanthate form. However, they are not interchangeable during any patient’s cycle of treatment because one form of treatment (cypionate) stays in your system longer than the other (enanthate). Over the course of a typical 6-month long treatment cycle, this difference results in enanthate users requiring more frequent injections.

The other injectable form of testosterone is propionate, which has the shortest half-life; users of this form of testosterone will need to use injections substantially more often than enanthate  (every week or so) and cypionate (every other week or so). Propionate is typically injected every few days – and the injections can be considerably more uncomfortable to administer due to its characteristic as a “short” ester. Cypionate and enanthate are considered to be “long” esters, which are more comfortable to inject.

Implanted time-release pellet forms are relatively new and their efficacy is still being clinically studied. The topically applied forms, as we mentioned previously, have been inconsistent in the results they have delivered to TRT patients. Topical forms also need to be applied daily and users must be careful to avoid cross contaminating family members through contact with these medications.

Delivering consistent results is definitely a big part of the answer to what is testosterone enanthate used for. Adults who are making a commitment to restoring their male hormone levels through the ongoing use of a doctor prescribed TRT program are looking for consistently rewarding results. That is also what the Nexel Medical doctors are looking for, so it is why we only prescribed Low T therapy programs that are designed to consistently reward our patients with the health and wellness improvements that they are after.

How To Get a Prescription for Using Testosterone Enanthate

Successful TRT programs require more than using the right pharmaceutical substances and understanding what is testosterone enanthate used for; they also require following the clinically correct protocols for medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy. This applies to both doctors and their patients because in the vast majority of TRT programs, treatments are going to be self-administered by adult patients. The protocols are essential but are not difficult to follow or perform. What has been difficult in the past for many patients across the US is finding experienced local doctors who specialize in TRT – but Nexel Medical has changed that by making our medical services available on a local basis everywhere in the US.

So here is how any adult with a clinically verified testosterone deficiency can get a prescription for TRT, providing that there is nothing in their medical history that contraindicates the advisability of its use:

  • Contact Nexel Medical by phone or email (use the contact form on our website).
  • If you indicate that you are interested in using TRT, one of our clinical advisors will schedule a local blood test (for measuring your testosterone levels) and basic medical exam for you. Ypur results will be transferred to us digitally.
  • Submit your medical history to us – you can do this by completing and submitting the form that we have included on our website for this purpose.
  • Your Nexel Medical doctor will review and evaluate your test and exam results as well as your reported symptoms. Upon diagnosing you with a treatable testosterone deficiency, you will be issued a prescription for your chosen method of treatment.
  • With your prescription, you will be able to purchase your prescribed treatments through our online pharmacy source and have them delivered to you promptly and securely.

And whenever you have questions such as what is testosterone enanthate used for or there is anything else that you need to know, our clinical advisors are always here to assist you, as is your personal Nexel Medical TRT doctor. We will make certain that you know the correct protocols for preparing and administering your treatments at home; we will schedule your periodic blood tests for you; and we will supervise your treatment to ensure that you receive the very best results.

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