What to Expect From Testosterone Enanthate

TRT Timeline: What to Expect When Using Testosterone Enanthate

So you have finally decided to do something about eliminating your Low T symptoms, probably because they have been making you unhappy with your health, your sex life and your day-to-day lifestyle. Yet you would like to know what to expect from testosterone enanthate since this is the form of treatment that you believe you would like to try. How and where can you get that information? Is there a reliable timeline that you can refer to for how long it takes to get results from the medically prescribed use of testosterone enanthate injections?

As it turns out, there is. The medical use of these injections is not a new discovery or something that is still in the initial stages of clinical trials. The doctors, both here and abroad, who specialize in TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) have been prescribing them for decades know how effective bio-identical hormone treatments such as injectable testosterone have been clinically proven to be. They also know how consistently these treatments are able to deliver tangible relief and wellness benefits to the patients who use them. So they have been able to establish and refer to a reliable timeline for TRT results and when to expect them.

Here is what to expect from testosterone enanthate injections over the course of following a 6-month cycle of Low T treatments:

  • During the first month of your treatment cycle, you will notice that your energy and strength have increased along with your sexual responsiveness. By the end of just four weeks of treatment, most men have observed significant improvements in most of their Low T symptoms.
  • By the end of your second month of treatment, you will most likely start seeing measureable results in regard to fat loss and muscle gains. Improvements in your emotional wellbeing will be established by now.
  • As your treatment cycle continues, all of its benefits continue accruing; your muscles are becoming more defined; your sex life is getting hotter than it’s ever been; you’ve got energy and stamina to spare; and your overall condition of health is more robust.
  • All benefits will have reached their maximum level by the time you have completed a typical 6-month cycle of TRT using testosterone enanthate injections. If your hormone therapy physician recommends the use of PCT (post cycle therapy), you will transition into that in order to sustain your benefits until it is time for your next cycle of TRT to begin.  

TRT Options: Why Testosterone Enanthate Is Widely Prescribed

TRT Options: Why Testosterone Enanthate Is Widely Prescribed

It is not often that any particular prescription treatment product remains a top choice of the doctors who prescribe it decade after decade. However, it is precisely because they know what to expect from testosterone enanthate that makes it the top choice in treatment options for many TRT doctors and their adult patients. There has been nothing that has been developed since this substance first became pharmaceutically available more than 50 years ago that has proven to be more effective at replenishing the male hormone levels of adult patients struggling with their deficiency symptoms.

It has also remained an affordable treatment option, which is especially meaningful to TRT patients who will be financially responsible for the cost of their treatment (you will learn more about this in the following section on TRT insurance coverage). With the cost of some prescription medications and medical treatments today costing American patients not just hundreds but often thousands of dollars per dose, it is more important now than it has ever been to do everything you can to remain as healthy as possible throughout your entire adulthood. And this is exactly what the maintenance of healthy hormonal balance supports in adults, especially in regard to hormones as critical to overall wellness as testosterone.

Because TRT doctors can reliably anticipate what to expect from testosterone enanthate treatments in terms of results, they are better able to advise their patients; better able to help patients avoid experiencing any complications or side effects; and better able to monitor the success of each patient’s therapy program. The same cannot be said of the newer treatment options that have appeared on the scene in recent years. Doctors are still observing how variably many patients are responding to the newer topical and subcutaneously implanted forms of testosterone replacement therapy – and are discovering that these latest treatment forms have not measuring up to the results that have been clinically established for the original injectable forms of TRT.

So among the doctors who prescribe TRT programs the most, who are the doctors that specialize in hormone replacement therapy programs for adults, the use of injectable testosterone enanthate and the very similar testosterone cypionate remains the standard of medical success by which all other forms of male hormone replacement therapy are judged.

TRT Coverage: What to Expect from Your Health Care Insurance

By now most of us have become painfully aware of the limitations, restrictions and every rising costs that are associated with the current status of health care insurance coverage in the US. So it is very important to know what to expect from testosterone enanthate therapy regarding your own medical insurance plan even before you begin the TRT treatment process – because you might be as surprised by what you find out as many other Low T therapy patients have been.

Not even an experienced medical provider who specializes exclusively in the treatment of testosterone deficiency, like Nexel Medical, can tell our patients what to expect from their insurers because of the many continually changing variables that US policyholders must contend with. You may find out that TRT is completely covered per the terms of your own coverage … or that it is partially covered … or that only certain forms of treatment are covered … or that TRT is only covered upon meeting specific criteria, as determined by your insurer. The point is that the only way to know for certain if your medically prescribed usage of testosterone enanthate therapy will be paid by your health care insurance is to contact them directly and ask them.

This is the main reason that at Nexel Medical, we are unable to work directly with medical insurers; what we do is work with our patients and if they have coverage, we can provide them with any of the documentation they will need for reimbursement by their insurer. So regarding what to expect from testosterone enanthate therapy’s cost, the vast majority of our patients find it to be very affordable. The cost of most TRT programs prescribed by our doctors that specify the use of this bio-identical substance is typically well below $200 per month of treatment for patients that are paying the entire cost of their treatment.

This is why we recommend that adults with Low T symptoms contact their insurers as soon as they decide that they would like to investigate the use of doctor prescribed TRT. Find out exactly what your coverage includes and/or doesn’t include so that you can proceed armed with that information. And for all other information that you need about using TRT, you are welcome to contact Nexel Medical at any time and speak directly with one of our knowledgeable clinical advisors.

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