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Life presents us with certain circumstances where quality should never be compromised, such as anything that is related to preserving health. Eliminating your Low T symptoms is one of those circumstances; and for many patients, doing that successfully means using the best quality testosterone cypionate injections. But how much do you really know about this pharmaceutically manufactured treatment that is used in male hormone replacement therapy? If you have been considering the use of Low T therapy, it would be a good idea for you to become somewhat familiar with why so many TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) doctors prescribe this particular form of bio-identical androgen for their patients.

Testosterone cypionate is an offshoot of the original synthesizing of the male hormone that occurred eight decades ago. Since that time, there have been several forms of this hormone developed by pharmaceutical companies. The cypionate form was developed in conjunction with a long-lasting ester to delay its release into the body (after being injected intra-muscularly) for the purpose of increasing abnormally low androgen levels. One of the most popular forms of this medication today is known as depo-testosterone; this name is derived from the fact that once it has been injected, it is then stored within a “depot” in the body. From that depot, it is steadily released over an average period of ten to twelve days, tapering off completely after approximately three weeks.

In the opinion of many TRT doctors, depo-testosterone is one of the best quality testosterone cypionate injectable medications that they can prescribe for their Low T patients. In appearance, it is an odorless white crystalline powder that dissolves when mixed with an oil base just prior to being injected. Most patients can easily learn how to prepare and self-administer their injectable treatments, which is far more practical for them than visiting a doctor several times a month to receive their Low T treatments.

Why Your Correct Testosterone Cypionate Dosage Is Critical

Why Your Correct Testosterone Cypionate Dosage Is Critical

Adhering to the medically correct dosage protocols when prescribing the best quality testosterone cypionate is how knowledgeable TRT doctors provide their patients with the best possible outcome from their treatment. The goal of this particular form of hormone replacement therapy is to eliminate symptoms by steadily restoring a patient’s androgen levels to a more beneficial range while minimizing the patient’s risk for experiencing any related side effects. Risk exposure increases for any patients when treatments are not being administered exactly as they have been prescribed.

The possible adverse reaction that are associated with the use of injectable testosterone cypionate, which is classified as a Schedule III Controlled Substance by the Anabolic Steroids Control Act, include the following:

  • Pain and/or inflammation at the injection site
  • Electrolyte disturbances and the retention of fluids and other substances including water, sodium, potassium, chloride, and calcium
  • Gynecomastia (enlargement of male breast tissue); penile erections of excessive duration and frequency
  • Nausea; headaches; allergic hypersensitivity; anxiety; depression
  • Vascular disorders, such as the development of blood clots

When the doctors at Nexel Medical prescribe the best quality testosterone cypionate for our patients, it is with the understanding that while the risk for experiencing adverse effects from its use are statistically considered to be low, determining an individual’s optimal dosage is critical to the overall success of their treatment programs. And we define a successful treatment program as one that delivers the maximum benefits to a patient, while minimizing their potential for having any side effects or related health complications.

The benefits, which are the true goals of all forms of TRT, receivbed by patients who are using a correctly prescribed and administered dosage throughout the cycles of their replacement therapy include:

  • Significant increases in energy and stamina
  • A dramatic improvement in libido and sexual performance
  • Visibly improved muscle tone and mass
  • The loss of excess abdominal fat
  • Improved sense of emotional wellbeing
  • Improved cognitive function

However, these benefits can only be anticipated by patients whose testosterone levels are sustained within what their doctors have determined to be the optimal range for each of them. Levels that are increased excessively by using too high and/or too frequently administered dosages can cause harm to health rather than benefitting it; and dosages that are too low or too infrequently administered will not allow patients to receive the treatment results that they and their TRT doctors desire. 

Understanding the Testosterone Cypionate Therapeutic Cycle

Considering that most medically prescribed TRT programs are long-term forms of therapy, often used by patients for decades, it is hard to understand why any adult want to use anything less than the best quality testosterone cypionate. If you suffer from chronic Low T symptoms, then this powerful substance is something that your body now needs and will continue to need throughout your adulthood to provide you with all of the good things that having adequate amounts of free testosterone does for you.

Low T treatment is typically prescribed in cycles of approximately six months each; this is the amount of time that is required to safely and effective restore a man’s levels to the rage that is considered healthy relative to his age. Each cycle of using treatments is followed by a resting period, during which no treatment are administered but a patient’s male hormone levels are periodically monitored (by blood test samples). Once levels have begin to decline back into the abnormally low range, a new cycle of treatment is undertaken.

The medical need for using TRT is determined by two essential factors – a patient’s symptoms and their blood test results. A doctor may order other types of blood tests at times throughout a patient’s ongoing therapy, both during the on and off periods of treatment. This is usually done to monitor any possible related issues, such as the adverse effects outlined previously, which is why patients should always welcome and comply with any associated testing that their TRT providers recommend. It makes no sense to use the best quality testosterone cypionate treatments for your Low T symptoms if you are not giving yourself the best opportunity for success by using this form of remedial therapy responsibly by following your doctor’s advice.

Truthfully, the best possible ally that any Low T therapy patient can have throughout the course of their treatment is an experienced and compassionate doctor who understands the complexities and nuances involved in achieving and sustaining optimal male hormone levels for the long term. Where can you find doctors like these? You can find them at Nexel Medical – and you can receive locally accessible treatment from the Nexel Medical doctors, regardless of where in the US you are located.    

How to Pay the Best Price for Testosterone Cypionate Treatment

Does using the best quality testosterone cypionate, and having it prescribed for you by some of the best TRT doctors in the US, mean that you will have to pay too high a price for your treatment? Not at all – in fact, online providers such as Nexel Medical have produced innovations in delivering testosterone replacement therapy to qualified adult patients that have made it more convenient and more affordable for more US adults who are suffering from Low T. Regardless, of where they live, regardless of whether they have medical insurance that covers this treatment or not, men and women across America can now receive the best quality of all-encompassing medical care for their testosterone deficiency from a nationwide provider like Nexel Medical more easily than before.

With a doubt, the cost of using medications such as depo-testosterone is the largest percentage of the overall cost of using TRT; and at Nexel Medical, we make it possible for our patients to purchase their prescribed medications online through us. This is in addition to scheduling their local blood tests for them; scheduling any physical exams that they will require; and providing them with ongoing patient support throughout their treatment. Our entire focus as hormone replacement therapy specialists is on making effective Low T therapy as simple and affordable for our patients as possible – and by utilizing digital technology, we have accomplished this.

We also gladly provide any adult who contacts us with information and assistance in regard to any questions they have about using medical treatment for a symptomatic testosterone deficiency. There is no obligation, and you will find that our clinical advisors at Nexel Medical are always knowledgeable, understanding and happy to help. So if you would like to know more about using the best quality testosterone cypionate injections, or any other aspect of male hormone replacement therapy, just call us and ask. At Nexel Medical, we believe that correctly informed patients have the best chance for experiencing the best outcome from their program of treatment; and that is what we want for each of our patients – the best.

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