How Long Should I Take HGH Injections

Doctor: How Long Should I Take HGH Injections for Best Gains

The goal of all therapy is to help people make healthy personal gains. So it is perfectly appropriate to ask a doctor how long should I take HGH injections for best gains? But not all doctors can answer this question because not all doctors have professional expertise in administering human growth hormone replacement therapy to their patients.

Hormone replacement therapy is a highly specialized area of medical practice and even among the US medical community, not all physicians share the same opinion about its risks versus its benefits. However, among endocrinologists and other practitioners who specialize in hormone disorders, the physiological gains that are provided to patients by treatments such as HGH replacement therapy are well established and medically valuable.

Doctors who routinely diagnose and treat adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, like those found at Nexel Medical, are very capable of answering questions such as how long should I take HGH injections to receive the best results. Our doctors have a comprehensive understanding of what the maximum gains of treatment are and how to help each of our patients achieve them. If your goal is to stay healthy and vibrant for your entire life, the development of growth hormone deficiency can slowly but steadily undermine your game plan. But this is why some adults have committed themselves to a lifetime of HGH therapy – they want to stay in the game and reach their goal.

Sustaining the optimal healthy balance of your growth hormone levels is an ongoing process that all adults can support by not abandoning healthy lifestyle habits. However, when your body’s endocrine system is no longer producing enough growth hormone to keep your hormonal balance in the healthy range, only a qualified doctor can provide the individual answer to your question, based on your own personal requirements for therapy and your present condition of health.

How Much Time Does It Take to See Results from HGH Injections?

How Much Time Does It Take to See Results from HGH Injections

Years of combined clinical experience in treating adults for growth hormone deficiency have provided our Nexel Medical doctors with the answer when any adult wants to know how long should I take HGH injections before I can start expecting to notice the results?

The consistency that growth hormone therapy doctors have observed in the results experienced by their adult patients has been remarkable. So remarkable that these doctors have been able to put together a reliable timetable for when particular benefits of treatment can be expected to become noticeable to patients. What they have observed is that:

  • During the first month of treatment, patients notice an increase in their energy and vitality. Their ability to mentally focus improves and their moods become more stabilized.
  • During month two, muscle and skin tone begin to visibly improve, as well as your vision.
  • After three months of HGH therapy, weight loss becomes noticeable and joint pain decreases due to the bone strengthening that treatment provides. Your flexibility will also have improved.
  • During your fourth and fifth months of treatment, the improvements in your physique; skin and hair; emotional wellbeing; physical stamina and energy; and desire for sex are really apparent.
  • Upon completing your six-month course of treatment, which is a typical treatment cycle, you should be experiencing all of the benefits that having a healthy and robust growth hormone supply provides. You’ll be sleeping much better, burning fat more efficiently and enjoying more overall vitality than you have in years.

So one way for doctors to answer how long should I take HGH injections is to refer to this six-month progression of results – because this is exactly what the majority of patients report experiencing during their normal treatment cycle.  Once a patient’s growth hormone levels have been raised back into the range necessary to support vitality, their therapy can be discontinued until their levels have declined to the point that an additional treatment cycle would be beneficial.

Can HGH Doctors Provide Advice on HGH Injections for Sale?

The Nexel Medical doctors can. We know from experience that adults will typically have other questions in addition to how long should I take HGH injections, and when we are asked for advice on where our patients should purchase their prescribed treatments we are happy to oblige them.

In fact, the growth of the illegal human growth hormone industry – and the inherent dangers it poses to unsuspecting consumers – is why our doctors felt that it was absolutely necessary to provide our patients with a secure pharmaceutical source for purchasing their treatments online (which is where most patients prefer to get their medically prescribed HGH injections). So our advice to them, and to all adult in the US who are using or thinking about using a growth hormone replacement program, is to always purchase injectable human growth hormone from a recognized and reliable pharmaceutical source.

At Nexel Medical, we have simplified the entire treatment process for our patients and this includes providing them with the convenience and confidence of having an online pharmacy they can depend on for fair pricing and prompt delivery of their HGH injections. Our patients don’t have to fear the unwelcome consequences of being scammed by an illegal online source, or being shipped inferior or fake products that could be very harmful to use.

People can ask our experienced and highly qualified doctors and clinical advisors anything they want to know about using bio-identical human growth hormone injections therapeutically and we will be happy to answer them … because we believe that the more people learn about the benefits provided by today’s treatment options for adult-onset growth hormone deficiency, the healthier they can become


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