How to Administer HGH Injections

You Can Easily Learn How to Administer HGH Injections Yourself

Some medical professionals are finally acknowledging “needle phobia” as a medical condition. Some adults are so fearful of needles that they actually avoid medical treatment even for conditions that will become life threatening without proper treatment. But unless you belong to the estimated twenty to twenty-three per cent of the adult population who suffers from needle phobia, you can easily learn how to administer HGH injections yourself and eliminate your unwanted symptoms of growth hormone deficiency.

If you do have growth hormone deficiency, you should know that there is only one way to increase your growth hormone levels regardless of age or other physiological factors: The use of injectable HGH (human growth hormone). In its bio-identical form, it appears as a freeze-dried powder that is reconstituted with bacteriostatic water and then injected subcutaneously (under the skin).

Even adults with borderline needle phobia have learned to overcome their discomfort with needles when they discover that the needles used to administer HGH are very tiny ones, similar to the ones that some people use to administer their insulin treatments. Today, there are even treatment options being used to administer human growth hormone that penetrate the skin without using needles. There are also new devices called click pens that contain the medication in premixed cartridges and are super easy to self-administer – and very portable, too.

The point is that almost anyone can quickly learn how to administer HGH injections at home, or even when traveling. Now, most growth hormone therapy providers have easy to follow video instructions posted online for their patients to handily refer to. So if a certain amount of needle discomfort has been preventing you from pursuing HGH replacement therapy, there are new ways to get around that.

It’s Empowering to Be Involved in Your HGH Injections Therapy

It’s Empowering to Be Involved in Your HGH Injections Therapy

HGH replacement therapy in itself is a very self-empowering experience. It represents a very proactive approach to staying vibrant and healthy by providing patients with a full and gratifying range of measurable adult wellness benefits.

But think about how satisfying it is when you consistently stick with your fitness routine, take your daily vitamins and supplements, and stay focused on eating healthily. You do these things not just because you know they are good for you, but because they make you feel and look better, too. That’s also what using a human growth hormone replacement program feels like; only most patients say it is much more magnified. And that is undoubtedly because they didn’t realize just how badly their progressive HGH deficiency symptoms had been making them feel prior to treatment.

They were motivated to learn how to administer HGH injections by deciding that it was time to do something about their loss of energy … mental lethargy … uneven emotional state … weight gain … and loss of interest in sex. They missed the more youthful and vibrant versions of themselves that they used to be, and they decided to get tested for growth hormone deficiency by having an IGF-1 blood test performed (IGF-1 is a standard clinical marker used to evaluate growth hormone levels; it stands for Internal Growth Factor-1).

A diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency means that there is only one proven medical treatment protocol that is available to patients, and it is the use of a series of low-dose injectable HGH. Low doses have been proven to be very effective is safely increasing deficient GH levels while minimizing the risk for experiencing side effects.

So it is very empowering to understand what’s causing your symptoms; to learn that your medical condition can be successfully treated; and to discover that you can easily self-administer your treatments at home or whenever you travel. But what is even more empowering is the total rejuvenation and revitalization that your HGH therapy program provides to you. 

If You Can Follow Directions, You Can Learn to Administer HGH

Using HGH injections therapy, compared to many other medical treatments, is incredibly easy. The blood testing involved is very straightforward and simple to have performed; the treatment regimen is clearly defined by your doctor and easy to work into your daily routine; and the treatments themselves, while biochemically sophisticated, are actually very user-friendly after the first few times that you have administered them.

If you and your doctor decide that you will be using the recombinant form of bio-identical human growth hormone, you will need to follow the directions for preparing them carefully. HGH is a relatively fragile substance and it must be handled, prepared and stored as directed. Any brand you are prescribed, whether it is Saizen, Humatrope, Omnitrope, or another of the commonly prescribed quality brands, will probably come with detailed instructions on how to administer HGH injections. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and most patients find it much simpler to reference an online video (they can be found on Youtube and on the websites of most of leading HGH therapy providers) and just follow the narrated and illustrated step-by-step instructions it provides.

For very little personal effort, you can receive a truly impressive array of health benefits from using medical prescribed HGH injections therapy. You can do it; and Nexel Medical can show you how.

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