Testosterone Enanthate Results

Comparing the Testosterone Enanthate Before-and-After Results

Time isn’t really measured by minutes, hours, days, or years; it’s measured by how you live your life. If your Low T symptoms have been the measure of how you live, then you probably want to know if you can obtain testosterone enanthate results that will allow you to once again become the master of your own lifestyle and vitality. But before we explain what your results could be, let’s take a look at how your testosterone deficiency symptoms are affecting your adult health as well as the quality of your life.

If you think of yourself in the context of a before-and-after case study for Low T therapy, here is what has probably been happening to you since you first started developing the symptoms that are associated with having an adult onset testosterone deficiency. Your sex drive has probably become very low to non-existent, and you might even have difficulty sustaining an erection; these are two of the classic symptoms of Low T. Yet there is quite a bit more that can happen when your testosterone levels have dropped to below the normal range. You probably have very low energy, which has caused you to become much less active than you are used to being, and it’s also very likely that you have gained a noticeable amount of excess abdominal fat. On top of that, the size and healthy tone of your muscles has probably diminished significantly.

Low T causes some other issues that you can’t readily see, such as a reduction in your bone density and a dulling of your mental sharpness. It can also contribute to feelings of anxiousness and depression. All in all, the symptoms of testosterone deficiency don’t paint a very encouraging “before” picture of your health or your lifestyle. However, your testosterone enanthate results, based on the use of a medically prescribed and supervised TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) program could change all of that with results like these:

  • Most men notice an improvement in their energy levels soon after starting a Low T treatment program. The loss of excess fat is also aided by improvements in your metabolic function.
  • The return of sexual desire and the ability to perform dramatically improves soon after beginning regular treatment for most men.
  • The use of injectable testosterone enanthate encourages muscle tissue regeneration and growth, which results in larger and healthier toned muscles.
  • Healthy male hormone levels are essential to sustaining peak cognitive function and emotional stability; TRT programs are the only proven medical treatment that can restore and maintain adequate testosterone levels throughout your adulthood.  

How Do the Results of Using Enanthate or Cypionate Compare?

How Do the Results of Using Enanthate or Cypionate Compare?

So as you can see, the “after” of your testosterone enanthate results is an entirely different picture from the “before.” Your symptoms will be greatly reduced, possibly even entirely eliminated, and your healthy hormone levels will help to keep you stronger, more energetic and definitely more sexually active as you continue your journey through maturity.

Unlike other precious commodities, time cannot be bought or sold. But you can enhance the value of your lifetime by doing all that you can to remain healthy and vital – and when you have Low T symptoms, that means getting a prescription for TRT and using it under your doctor’s ongoing supervision. Injectable treatment can involve the use of either the enanthate, propionate or cypionate forms of pharmaceutically produced testosterone; but will using one of forms over another form produce the same results?

Let’s look at the example of the enanthate and cypionate versions of which both are classified as long-lasting ester formulations and are very similar in their biochemical composition. In this case, they actually do produce very similar therapeutic results in the majority of adult patients who are using them. The main distinctions between are the oils used to esterize them and make them injectable, and the slight difference in their durations in your system. Enanthate has a slightly shorter half-life than cypionate, which means that it doesn’t last quite as long, so it requires patients to have to inject their treatments slightly more frequently.

Yet frequency of injections is not a factor in a patient’s testosterone enanthate results or cypionate result. What matters most in regard to TRT treatment results is using the correct dosage of treatment; administering it correctly and on schedule; making improvements in your dietary and exercise habits; and having your blood levels monitored routinely as recommended by your TRT doctor. Whether you ultimately use the enanthate or cypionate versions of testosterone during your program (and the two of them are not interchangeable, so it will be either one or the other), following these common sense practices will optimize your treatment’s results.

Can Testosterone Enanthate and Propionate Be Compared?

Testosterone enanthate and the propionate version of injectable testosterone can be compared, but in doing so, you will see that these two substances are not nearly as similar as the cypionate and enanthate versions are. Propionate is a much short-acting ester, meaning that it requires more frequent injections; and many patients find propionate injections to be significantly more painful than injections of the longer-acting esters.

In regard to comparing propionate results and testosterone enanthate results, most users of propionate report receiving results much more quickly. Some of the propionate users who are focused on bodybuilding often report that they retain less fluid with this form; others have reported that this is not the case. Much has been posted online about using testosterone propionate to “kick-start” any adult male’s TRT cycle; but again, it is typically posted on steroid user forums in reference to the enhancement of their bodybuilding efforts. It is far more common for TRT doctors in the US to prescribe either the enanthate or cypionate version of testosterone than propionate for their Low T therapy patients, primarily because (1) they are looking for safe and effective results based on consistent gains towards optimal male hormone balance; and (2) most of their patients are reluctant to painfully inject themselves every few days when there are less painful and less frequent treatment choices that will work equally as well for them.

All three forms of testosterone injections – cypionate, enanthate and propionate – have been shown to be successful at eliminating the symptoms of Low T and producing the desired results for the adults who use them. But if your TRT believes that you will be more satisfied with your testosterone enanthate results, go ahead and ask why that is. At Nexel Medical, our doctors encourage input from our patients and want them to understand all aspects of their medically prescribed TRT program before they start using their treatments.

Finding A Doctor To Prescribe Testosterone Enanthate for You

In less time than it takes to schedule an appointment with your own primary care provider, you can find a highly qualified TRT doctor who can prescribe testosterone enanthate for you. All you need to do is either complete the quick and easy contact form on this website or call Nexel Medical and speak to one of our experienced hormone replacement therapy clinical advisors. Using our streamlined and efficient procedures for treatment is a far better use of your time than waiting weeks or even months for a professional referral and appointment with an endocrine or urology specialist, which is very likely to be what your PCP will recommend that you do.

With the Nexel Medical TRT treatment, you can take action on eliminating your Low T symptoms beginning right now. This means that you could be experiencing your testosterone enanthate results much sooner than you probably thought was possible. We can schedule a local blood test for you right away; schedule a medical exam with one of our affiliated local physicians in your area; evaluate your testing and exam results; and prescribe a personalized testosterone replacement therapy treatment program for you in quick succession. And the quality of your treatment will be assured by the experience and extensive medical training possessed by our TRT specialists. At Nexel Medical, our doctors always utilize the medically recommended treatment protocols for the remediation of testosterone deficiency and we are proud of our consistent record for providing our patients with safe and highly successful Low T therapy programs that they can use with complete confidence.

Digital technology has made Nexel Medical universally available to all adults in the US who have developed male hormone deficiency symptoms; however, it has been our innovations in making the procedures locally available that really changed the way today’s adult are accessing the TRT treatment they need. Our doctors saw no reason why any adult should have to wait and wait – or drive and drive – just to be able to receive testosterone replacement therapy from a qualified and experienced medical professional who truly understands testosterone enathate results along with all of the other factors that are involved in the successful use of TRT.

Why not use your time more wisely and contact Nexel Medical today? We can answer all of your specific questions and if you’d like, even set up your local diagnostic testing ASAP. Time can be your friend … but only when it isn’t being wasted. 

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