Recommended Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate

Your Recommended Dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for Low T

In regard to your body’s testosterone supply, balance is healthier for you than extremes. That is why an experienced and proficient hormone replacement therapy (HRT) doctor will determine your recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate based on restoring your male hormone levels to the optimal and healthy balance for you personally. You see, knowledgeable HRT specialists understand that it is unhealthy for any individual to have either extremely low or extremely high testosterone levels.

You see, doctors who specialize in HRT such as those at Nexel Medical approach the health issue of Low T from the medical perspective of restoring wellness and vitality to patients, first and foremost. Naturally, they understand that primary the motivation for treatment that most men have is reversing the symptoms caused by male hormone loss – because these are the type of symptoms that can make a man feel less masculine, vital and confident than he is used to feeling. However, responsible and respected HRT doctors are not going to come up with a recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate injections, for example, that is excessively high just because a patient is into bodybuilding and wants to achieve exaggerated muscles.

Look, medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has already been clinically shown to improve muscle size and tone, in addition to increasing energy and stamina; boosting sexual desire; improving erectile performance; and providing patients with a greater sense of emotional wellbeing. It also provides legitimate TRT patients with a wide range of other long-term health benefits, when it has been prescribed correctly and is being used correctly. And all of these benefits come from recommended dosage that are intended to enable patients to achieve the hormonal balance that is optimal for their overall health, on an individually diagnosed and prescribed basis.

So if your continued health and vitality is as important to you as regaining your sex drive, your muscle tone and your vitality, then listen to your doctor and make sustaining balanced, but not excessive, testosterone levels your wellness goal. If you follow this fact-based medical advice, you’ll find that your goal is a very attainable and rewarding one.

How to Safely Build Muscle with Testosterone Cypionate Therapy

How to Safely Build Muscle with Testosterone Cypionate Therapy

Many adult men go to the gym to build muscle and lose unwanted excess fat; and as a lifestyle expert noted recently, there are essentially 3 different types of gym goers: The Exerciser, who knows that staying active is important and tries to get to the gym at least a couple of times a week; The Competitor, who is more serious about working out at the gym and can be consistently found there 3 to 5 times every week; and The Athlete, whose workouts at the gym are not just a part of life, but a necessary component of an entirely focused lifestyle. All of these types of people can suffer from Low T symptoms – but will their recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate be based on their individual fitness priorities?

Let us answer that by explaining how TRT doctors test for, evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe treatment for testosterone deficiency. When an adult male patient complains of symptoms consistent with Low T levels, the first thing these doctors want is to have the patient’s testosterone blood levels tested. The results of a simple to perform blood test are evaluated to determine the amount of testosterone that the patient currently has available within their system. They also want to review the patient’s medical history in order to see if there is anything there that would preclude the use of TRT, such as certain cancers or other health issues that would make Low T therapy inadvisable.

Of course, a medical exam is performed to determine the patient’s overall condition of health and to review the symptoms that have appeared; and it is very likely that some degree of muscle loss is going to be one of those symptoms, regardless of how often a person goes to the gym. However, the doctor is going to use the same medically correct protocol to arrive at the recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate for each patient, which is to restore his male hormone supply back to the healthy and normal range. The therapeutic goal may ultimately end up being the upper end of the normal range; but it is never going to the unhealthily excessive levels that professional body builders and athletes have been known to achieve by improperly using and/or abusing TRT.

Maintaining toned muscle mass is important to staying strong and vital throughout adulthood; but so is maintaining healthy bone density; enjoying a satisfying sex life; having a sense of emotional stability; and having the energy to stay active and engaged in life. And these are the things that the responsible and medically correct use of a testosterone cypionate treatment program can deliver to adult males.   

Get Healthier with Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Cypionate

Most people don’t measure their health by their muscle definition; they measure their health by how good they feel, both physically and mentally. They also want to look healthy – they want to have a toned physique; they want their eyes and skin to exhibit the vibrant glow of healthiness; and they want their entire body to reflect vitality at every age. Can using the medically recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate to achieve hormonal balance help to provide them with these things?

If Low T is the only significant hormone loss they have developed, it definitely can. But if, like many adults, they have also developed a growth hormone deficiency, then they may also need to use HGH (human growth hormone) replacement therapy to experience all the benefits that are provided by hormonal rejuvenation. It is quite common for adults to develop both of these types of hormone deficiency concurrently and to suffer from the symptoms of both. So if your HRT doctor advises you to be tested for both, it is because your symptoms and your current condition are strongly suggesting that this could be the case. And you should be glad that your doctor is considering your entire health picture and not just one aspect of it.

Medical hormone replacement programs are intended to restore middle-aged and older adults to the vitality and consistent healthfulness that they enjoyed as younger adults, when their hormone levels were in balance and their endocrine systems were producing sufficient supplies of these critical biological substances. Whether it is testosterone deficiency, or growth hormone deficiency, or both types of deficiency that are causing your unhealthy and discouraging symptoms, don’t you want to know about it so that it can be medically corrected?

By using the recommended dosage of testosterone cypionate that you doctor has prescribed for you, either with or without using your recommended dosage of human growth hormone, you can become healthier and remain healthier. You can eliminate all of the symptoms that have had such a negative impact on your vitality and your lifestyle, and you can look and feel many years younger in the process. For most adults, this is more than enough to make a substantial improvement in their lives; and for our doctors, this is the very worthwhile goal that we believe all of our patients can achieve by using medically prescribed and supervised HRT responsibly.

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