Analyzing the Cost of Using HGH Therapy Programs

Let’s get right to the bottom line in analyzing the cost of HGH therapy, which is how much you value experiencing real improvements in your vitality and health. That is the only real incentive for using a medically prescribed treatment program to correct a progressive growth hormone deficiency. However, since it is not always covered by health care insurance, there are often some very real costs attached to using HGH replacement therapy.

These costs can be analyzed as two main components: The cost of IGF-1 blood testing performed at a local medical testing facility; and the cost of the injectable treatments. If a physical exam is required, and it typically is, that will be a one-time cost unless it is going to be covered by the patient’s medical insurer. So if you have an analytical mind, then you have probably already deduced that the very first step in determining the cost of receiving this type of treatment should be to contact your insurance provider to see what or won’t will be covered.

You would probably also like to know what the average cost of HGH therapy is, because that’s usually one of the first questions that people ask in advance. Yet it is the “average” part of that question more than the “in advance” aspect that makes it a difficult one to answer. Human growth hormone replacement programs are typically prescribed by doctors case-by-case, to correspond with each patient’s unique therapeutic requirements and physiology. Dosages will vary and the length of a treatment cycle will vary and that makes averaging the cost nearly impossible.

It is somewhat more possible to present a general cost range whenever someone asks this question, but even that can sometimes be misconstrued. In general, the cost of purchasing the HGH injections that have been prescribed for an adult with growth hormone deficiency can range anywhere between $600 and $1200 per month of treatment. However, even this range can vary depending on the pharmaceutical brand of injections being used.

However, any medical provider that is asked about the cost of HGH therapy should be able to provide prospective patients with the cost of their hormone testing and medical exam in advance. These are generally costs that are fixed and should have very little, if any, variance from patient to patient.

Examining the Benefits of Using HGH Injections Therapy

Analyzing the cost is meaningless without comparing it to the benefits produced by using injectable HGH therapy. So let’s examine them thoughtfully so that they can be considered in the appropriate context:

Benefit: An increase in your total vitality

The progressive loss of your body’s growth hormone production causes a gradual but steady decline in your overall vitality. Using an HGH therapy program significantly improves the main markers of physiological vitality, which includes increasing your energy; providing more efficient biological function of your body’s systems and organs; and producing an overall sense of physical rejuvenation.

Benefit: An improvement in your physical condition

Having an inadequate growth hormone supply contributes to unwanted weight gain and the loss of healthy muscle and skin tone, among other signs of aging. By restoring your body’s HGH levels, it regains what it needs to help melt away stubborn body fat and rebuild muscles. The net result is a leaner and more toned physique with healthier and smoother skin tone.

Benefit: A greater condition of whole body health and wellness

Growth hormone loss contributes to the deterioration of both your physical and mental function. It also contributes to emotional ups and downs, and sometimes even causes depression. If you have ever said to yourself that it feels like you’re starting to fall apart physically, mentally and emotionally, that could be your body’s hormonal imbalance talking. HGH therapy reverses the unhealthy biological trends that your hormone deficiency has put into place and allows you to reclaim your healthiest body, mind and spirit.

Benefit: A reduced risk for developing degenerative diseases

Heart disease remains as one of the major causes of mortality for US adults and in the elderly, falls often result in devastating injuries because of the lack of bone density caused by osteoporosis. Using HGH replacement therapy reduces your risk for developing either of these types of diseases.

Analyzing the cost of HGH therapy without thoughtfully weighing the major health benefits it offers to adults with growth hormone deficiency doesn’t make any sense. It not for its many benefits, it would have no therapeutic value at all. So decide what is most important to you when you are considering whether you should use doctor prescribed HGH replacement therapy.

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